Submit Your Film to the Bitfilm Contest!

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As of today, you may submit your film to our online film contest with live screenings in Berlin and Lisbon.

The topic of our contest is "The Crypto Future". It's up to you how you interpret this. Your film may be about cryptography, cryptocurrencies or any other cryptic, futuristic issue. 

We accept all kinds of films, whether fiction or documentaries, animation or live action. Your film should not be longer than 10 minutes. The deadline for submissions is October 1st, 2017.

All films will be shown online on By voting for them, new money ("Steem Dollars") will be generated, which will be paid out as prize money. The film with the highest number of votes wins. 

A kick-off event will take place in Berlin on October 11.
The award ceremony will happen at SteemFest 2017 in Lisbon on November 3rd.

All generated Steem Dollars will go into a jackpot.
50% of it will be paid out to the winner film
25% to the second place
10% to the third place.
The remainder will be used to fly in the winner to Lisbon and host him or her at SteemFest.

Our contest is also listed on the popular film site We have already used it for our (discontinued) contest Bitfilm of the Day, which we started exactly one year ago.

Submit your film now!

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Im going to try to produce something , when is the deadline?

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post and info about the contest were included in the wiki page about SteemFest². Thanks and good luck again!!


Thanks a lot! But could you please spell my name correctly?


Sorry for the misspelling. We think your name is correctly written right now. As a wiki you can add any new editions in the article's text whenever you want. Thanks and good luck again!

Hai semuanya nyo ilong ku komen nyak i vote le si good karna ilong perle peng 0.6 dollar uro raya karap jadi bajee bolaro galom na, kerja laen sit ka tan jadi nyan keuh nyo but watee malam awak dro keuh bek katiru long sebab nyo kon contoh yang baik bagi pemula ipeugah le ngon long menyo ta komen 70 boh kata i vote le sigood jadi bah kutes keudeh sigo so tuoh jeut keu raseuki jadi jeut ku tes lom singoh jadi peng keu uro raya kana jadi hana payah lakee le bak mak kuh rukok pih hana ngon blo nyo peng kabeh abang ka sadar

I'm looking forward to this ... I'm from India and will surely participate.

I count on having some new material from the blockchain conference in Stockholm that i can present to this interesting challenge! Wait me! Regards mates!

i love this!! im in!

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Great Initiative!

Great idea. I would like to see where this goes.

Nice idea, i'm thinking how it work with vga/gpu process ( mining graphics process ,for coding videos or give some utility) like mining movies (!

That's a very well-written and properly formatted article. @aaronkoenig, Do you do the web design yourself?


Unique and beautiful article on the good employee


Sure, but there was not a lot to design.

good post @aaronkoenig

very good

very good post @aaronkoenig
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good work by steemit team to give a plateform of entertainment at

thanks for ur sharing and ur upvote

Superb, context is awesome to get much votes, nice article nice idea!

I am filmmaker , new to cryptocurrency and blockchaintechnology ,i will definitely do more reasearch and shoot a captivating African perspective to cryptocurrency and blockchaintechnology .Thank you sharing this opportunity i look forward to submitting my film to the Bitfilm contest.

This idea is great! When I have a movie I will definitely do that!

Please follow back... Thanks

I am watching Wonder woman now!
Looking great so far, half way through.

After the contest will be very fun, will definitely get a very abundant money, 50%, this is very nominal, good for revenue increase. regards steemit @aaronkoenig

That's great that they have places to submit those kind of artistic films.

Oh wow! What a thing to come up with. This is amazing. Please keep us updated about how it goes. Regards

Very good idea in information Steemit

Nice post.
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Thank you.

the crypto future? ... as @barrydutton would say (-: ...


Great,I love it,I wanna start to creat film,nice article

Great idea to make serious films about the crypro scene. 99,9% of all people don't understand it and this gives them an opportunity to do. Worldwide acceptance and toleration for cryptocurrency and blockchaintechnology is what makes the future better. So the more people does understand the better our future will be! Keep on Steemin!

#good try
#Keep it up........(^_^)......

Very well written, and informative article and with proper formatting! Congratulations from my part for that! Upvoted! ✌️ ✌️

nice idea, i will get some upcoming directors to submit their work.