01/03/19 Day 87 Cycle 5. 2nd day of chemo cycle 5 - Port vs arm vein for blood and IV’s

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I talk and write so much about what it is like going through cancer. How it totally consumes your life and the life of your immediate family. The treatment along with the ups and downs. My fears and hopes. I hope that I give inspiration to others like I receive from the community along with an understanding of who I am. The raw truth.

I wish with all my heart that this journey was not mine. It is and I will carry this burden to what ever end is in store for me with the best of my abilities.
The path I was on has changed. I did work with @pifc, @payitforward. I beleive in the concept of it. I have had to pull back and others have stepped up to cover my shortcomings. I am greatful to them for this. I have stepped up a little over the past couple weeks giving support to the @pifc discord. Mostly the #post-promotion room. I can make a difference (as long as VP holds up) without making a commitment

There is nothing worse then making a commitment and then falling short. I prefer not to make the commitment and be a smuk then falling short on something I committed to. Until I get a handle on this current problem all I can do is feel bad to you and keep my commitment to my family first.
I would call you a coward and stand with you while you correct your attitude because you are my freind. Been there done it. Be true to your word. Your word can not be taken from you, you have to give it away. Be true to your word/commitments

When that man fell out during his chemo I was reminded how serious this is. And that it could hit anyone of us at any time. To include our friends in remission. I have a hero list. It consist of the people here on Steemit that have/had cancer or a family member does. Also kids who are fighting an illness/disease. I am a sucker for children, the old and the weak.

@brittandjossie asked me about a port instead of using a vein in the arm. For blood withdraws or IV’s. I have a port in my chest. This is the best option. If it is recommended accept the recommendation.


Today was my first treatment and I have two more over the next two days so I leave it all hooked up. So on my next appointment they just screw the treatment into the blue/orange tube port. As you can see from the image below the needle will stay until chemo is done. It is recommended not to leave it hooked up more then 7 days due to infections. After chemo when they remove the needle I will show you what it looks like .
Again, this is the best option and highly recommended over the use of vein in the arm or hand

A port is a small disc made of plastic or metal about the size of a quarter that sits just under the skin. A soft thin tube called a catheter connects the port to a large vein. Your chemotherapy medicines are given through a special needle that fits right into the port. You also can have blood drawn through the port.

Source https://www.cancer.net/navigating-cancer-care/how-cancer-treated/chemotherapy/catheters-and-ports-cancer-treatment

In a couple of hours I will be doing my second treatment for cycle 5 . I have been feeling the effects of it. I have lost 90% of the strength in my legs. It takes everything I have not to hit the ground. I find it humorous how they follow me around so I don’t fall. I am still 6’2’’ tall and 220 lbs. that is a large mass to stop from falling. LOL besides I will not fall. I will hit the ground on MY terms. That’s an old Paratrooper thing. I may wobble like a webbel but I will not fall 😂. Besides they put me in my wheelchair.
The other thing is keeping and following a thought. That could be a good thing. I can use it when I say something really stupid.
“ what-what I’d say, when, what, who said that”. ROFL 🤣
The other issue is pain. Muscle and bone pain. Back on the pain pills for at least a week or two. Then I will ween off of them again. We have been through this 4 times already. We know what to expect so we have the advantage.

I feel like I have not powered up in months, but in reality its only been weeks. I will try on next Wednesday. I hate waiting. You never know what the market will do. If it goes up between now and then I will be upset. But if I brought it now and it goes down thats ok. Go figure. Makes no sense. I have watch and brought all the way down from $7 to 0.26 cents and very happy 😊 . If , woulda, coulda, I will not play this game. It is what it is and I did it. Every time I buy at 0.28 cents it lowers my average price across the amount of Steem I have. So that is a good thing. I don’t have a good number of the amount I have spent on steem. I could figure it out, but why. The only amount I care about is how much Steem I have. I need more and I have an expense I never figured on.

The more Steem that I have the more support to others is available for me to give. It’s a simple thing that I beleive in and will continue to do. Add in using fiat to power up and I should grow modestly.


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Nice nipple 😊 keep on fighting brother and no need to ever feel bad about what you are or are not doing with pifc! We all do what we can and those who care pitching and pick up the slack when needed, that's what it means to be a part of a team. Now Brian on the other hand says, quit being a baby and get back to work haha

it's amazing how much strength you lose from this fight isn't it? Brian to lost so much strength in his legs in the beginning we were both shocked at the loss of muscle mass. We are hoping for only good things for you my friend in 2019!


Quit being a baby. Oohhhh ain’t that the truth.
Chemo week kicks my butt. Got home today from chemo and went to sleep.
Muscle mass loss surprised me by the amount. It’s like it took all the muscle. I take protein daily supplements to help offset. It helps. And I have seemed to stop the weight loss.
All good signs.

Keep hanging in to hang on. Man, you've got a lot of courage. I admire that. Love how you write so freely about this.


Yea I am an Oak. LOL to quote from Wyatt Earp

This is so real to me and its not like you can take a break from it . So its all in the moment.


Ha ha yeah I hear ya. I'll let you be my huckleberry. :-)

Hey @wolfhart,

Happy New Year 2019!!!

Thank you for explaining about the port and how it works, with pictures too. Your positive, strong attitude is so very inspiring.

Cheering you on and sending love and Angel Blessings your way and also to your family and loved ones.


Thank you 🙏

I hope that the posts help others. To be able to approach things like this. There are to many cancer survivors that can assist others. Heroes, pioneers from many years ago. A platform is all they need.

Sorry that the whole process is taking so much out of you. You're doing amazing! You are an inspiration to those who see how hard you're fighting to win. Bless you!


If I can do it others can also. It is hard, but can be done.
I am surrounded be great steemians who push the fight forward. If we can help just one. What a success that would be

I dont know to much about the army BUT I saw the last tag and that is My favorite one!


Me too because it makes me smile 😊
I did not realize the nipple until later.
The question was so important that I wanted to but something out about the Port that could be related to the process.
Go ahead you can say it. Everyone knows it. Nice nipple right. Hu Hu , you can say it. 🤣


I do not believe you noticed the nipple later !
You know we steemians love a good nipplegate.
Was it matkodurko who did the nipple picture?
Or who was the other one with the picture i forgot


I forgot who sent the picture. It was great LMAO 🤣

I noticed it when I up loaded it. What the hell and went with it. I find it humorous.
During Chemo week is a very loopy week. Hahaha


I think iT was matkodurko

I take My hat of for you and the rest if the family you are kicking ass like a seal or army trooper ! Offcourse I wish you well and we Will talk later


I will never be able to thank you for all the support I receive from you. I hope you know and understand my appreciation.


You think too much friend.. You don't need to think about anything except your health. You have done so much for people and made so many good friends so no need to feel bad or no need to think much. You are an iconic fighter who is inspiring so many people to fight for life, fight for any situations. You are going through so much so just chill , keep connecting with your friends and do whatever you like which makes you happy...

Sorry , may be i wrote so much. Should stop myself... hehehe ,,, cheers buddy...


What a pair. I think to much you write to much LOL 😂
My thinking Is a way I cope with the effects of chemo. This is about 1 % of the thoughts that run through my head. When I am faced with adversity there is no way I can chill.

Thank you for your comment I really liked it. Truthfully and what makes friendships. Never stop.

Chemo and pain pills what a combo

dear@wolfhart, cancer and going through chemo is a truly tough and, I commend your honesty. I have had relatives who suffered from cancer (breast and rectal) and, I witnessed first hand as a family member how they suffered.

As a nurse, I have taken cared of patients who are undergoing chemotherapy and, I have to be honest with you, its truly taxing sometimes. Having a porta cath is one of the best things that can ever happen to someone who happens to be undergoing the same type of treatment as you are because finding an intravenous access would not be as painful or difficult and, it can also be used to extract blood.

Keep fighting. You are not alone.


Thank you for your opinion. It is important and May convince and calm people in their decisions.

The more information out there the better off we all are

Hi @wfhart. Thank you once again to step up and share with us regardless you feeling a little less strength. And hey, you really don't need to feel bad at all about not able to commit to @pifc and stuff like that. When you are not able to because you need to take care of health, you deserve to still have the due respect and honor from all of us and to have people cover for you - we are Steemians family. You and family need to stay in tact while you fight the monster.

Prayers goes with you. And stay positive like you always do.



The only way to get through this is with family and freinds who support you with honesty. I am very lucky to have both.

We are a family, a steemian family. A proud family to be a part of


Yes. I fall in love with Steem because of this. 💖♥️❤️


I for one am glad you are a steemian :)

Man! Go to sleep😨 still thinking about powering up in this situation .. great You should be a steemit Angel😇 but never seen an angel with white almost bold hair like you and a port near the good nipple 😂😂😂

You make cancer sound nothing while you're suffering with the pains all over your body. Aahh God Knows how strong you are.


I am turning into a cyborg. LOL

I do not want to give the impression this is easy. It’s not. There are people who can’t do chemo and others who have to cut treatment back.
I would like to give them all a hug and tell them I got this.

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