Why You Should Delegate Atleast 50 Steempower To Steem-Ua for Getting Superb Future Returns !!

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Hello All Dear Steemit Friends,

So guys today iam going to share a wonderful new way to get more befinfits By Delegating Your Steempower to this awesome project,

So today iam talking about "@steem-ua" that is created by " @scipio and @holger80" two of our good steemians,

And they came uo with an interesting idea of giving upvotes to their Delegators with a UA score that is their own created way to prevent scammers by giving ratings to their users and their upvote value is also decided by our UA score, you can see your UA scores on Their Official website and Smartsteem also.

Now let's talk about how much steempower Steem-ua Accumulated in just last 7 days of their intor post.


So as you can see that they have already 250k+ steempower as Delegation from different Steemit users. And it shows us that how much our community is exited about this project and it's idea.

So now let's talk about,how we can get more return on our Delegation,so basically @steem-ua has it's own criteria for being eligible to get their upvotes and also the number of upvotes that you acn receive per week,


So as you can see that how your Delegation maies the difference for how many upvotes you are going to get from @steem-ua but try not to expect big upvotes bcz all depends on our UA score and for improving it we need to post more good posts and get more attention by the community,

So if you don't have enough steempower to delegate them then you can also post using utopian.io and you also got eligible for @steem-ua upvote.

So guys this is a good way to get involved into this good project bcz right now it may looks like tgat their upvote value is less but always remember that when steem going to worth more then the upvote value is also going to increase as well so make sure you get involved into @steem-ua as soon as possible.

I Personally Delegated 250 Steempower to @Steem-ua bcz i have believe in their project.

To Know more about their plans and rules and to directly Delegate them using Steemconnect Click Here.

Thanks For Reading My Post

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I have been reading lots of posts on steem-ua lately, so I have decided to delegate 50 steem power to it today. It is a great initiative. I also checked my own UA and found it is 3.3, a bit low but am hoping it will improve with time :)


Waao it's a great move by you and try to share about this project to your friends also bcz it's really a great opportunity to invest in at the early stage.


I think I will probably make a post like this one after delegating :)

But if someone does not have steem power , what will he invest?hahaha...😁😁😁😁


Already Answered Your Query In The post.

So if you don't have enough steempower to delegate them then you can also post using utopian.io and you also got eligible for @steem-ua upvote.

Nice article dear and also see my fantastic last post