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RE: I will give 1 Steem Dollar to all that follow me and reblog this post in the next 24 hours!

in #steem-stats5 years ago

Flagging because you're spamming all of my Twitter conversions, even after I asked you to stop.

Don't do this. It will ruin your reputation.

Those who have to beg for followers through some scheme don't deserve them. There is no quick solution to building real relationships, because that's the real currency of Steemit.

Better approach: add value to the community. Create a reason for people to follow you. Create great content they want to resteem.


You are right though I did not handle the situation as well as I could of :( Im sorry for spamming and my replies I'm just trying to market my steem account to my best abilities. I would really appreciate the removal of the flag. I hope to be a long term steemer and hope you can grasp the sincerity of my apology thanks

One flag will not ruin your future on Steemit. Changing your thinking about self-promotion, spam, respecting others, etc will help. I've linked to some resources for you in my various replies which I think will greatly benefit you if you take the time to consume them seriously. Good luck.

@jacobcards You say you are sorry and yet you have not changed your post. Your actions are not consistent with your words. If the whales start flagging you your reputation will be finished. Any marketing guru will tell you that annoying your market will not get you more sales and is a very difficult situation to recover from.

This is something I did to connect with people OUTSIDE of the steemit platform. This flag was invalid - This steemer is not considering this action wasn't on steemit so how could I get flagged because he got "annoyed". This is an example of large steemers trying to step on the little guys. If you want steem it to be fair for all you have to let new steemers connect with others. If you don't like "spam" i suggest you delete your twitter and quit being a baby about it.

On Twitter you said:

Luke you are a troubled person


you are the dishonorable steemer here not me

And now you're implying I'm being a baby. IMO, I'm not being a baby, I'm raising awareness about your (IMO) harmful activities on another social media platform which you think is justified as "grinding" instead of seeing it for what it is: spam.

Here's the deal with online reputation: it follows you every where. It's a digital representation of who you are. If you think that activity is fine on Twitter, how long before you think it's fine here as well? The problem is not the medium, the problem is the decision process and the abusiveness of your language in calling out those who disagree with your actions.

I'm not a "large steemer" but I have worked very hard to build my reputation and my following by posting content others value (see my blog).

you have to let new steemers connect with others

I am in no way preventing this from happening. I'm suggesting a more beneficial way to accomplish your goals which doesn't demean others and will build a solid following. If everyone did what you're doing here, follows would be meaningless because everyone would follow whoever pays them, regardless of the quality of the content they produce.

Your suggestion to delete Twitter is absurd to me. Twitter has a "report for spam" functionality for a reason, just like Steemit has a flag. I was willing to remove my flag if you recognized your actions for what they are instead of defending them.

The language you've used with me is not healthy, IMO. There are better ways.

I'm flagging you here because here is where reputation matters. I don't want others to be treated the way I was if they choose to interact with you or call you out for spamming. A lower reputation score may help people avoid that unpleasant experience.

All I did was offer you a free dollar luke :( I thought people would be excited :(... I'm sorry... we can still be friends cant we ? :)

You spammed people you don't know, insulted them, and you still don't recognize that fact. Unless you change your thinking, then no, we can't be friends.

@jacobcards This is response is just plain rude. You might have had the flag removed if you acted in a more mature way. I hope you reflect on how you are coming across.

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