This hasn't happened. We are at 94.25%

Really? I thought you took vesting divided by virtual. How do you get 94? Looks like you are using vested to total Steem.

I think virtual is correct. If the virtual sky rocketed, the value of your stake would decline. You should be focused on your percent ownership of the virtual supply not actual supply (like diluted shares) Now I assume virtual grows with new Steem plus change in the amount of backing required for Steem dollars. If sbd teaches 5% no new sbd are printed and the change in supply for backing depends only on price. If price is stable virtual supply increase defaults to Steem increase. If vest holders get 90 percent of new Steem then then their ownership of virtual supply will be drawn to 90 percent. (Steem supply will be 3.28x as big in one year.) Large price swings could alter this but at some price it should stabilize.

My Calculation is Total Vesting Funds/Current Supply, I need to take a look at the difference between Virtual and Actual Supply, because your calculation does come in under 90% which is significant... Why are you using Virtual Supply?

I thought virtual supply is the the only way to account for the sbd dilution, the Steem required to back outstanding sbd. It seems similiar to using diluted share count vs basic sharecount to calculate ownership in equities. It's important here because in one year the equity ownership will converge to 90% because the inflation is so high.

Thank you very much for those clarification and thank you for the link you posted. Very enlightening!

Hi @dennygalindo! Are you on the official chat of Steemit? Let me know if you are. I would love some precision on this matter.

I hope you'll answer. I'm eager to hear your analysis Grand Wizard of Steem Numbers!

I am not generally on there. Maybe I'll try to get it working

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