External Investor Portal Post: A way for investors not currently on the platform to invest in our DeFi Platform.

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This is a Steemit Investor Portal.
If you would like to invest in. Decentralized finance product on Steemit, but don’t know how to get started use the username and password below to sign in and leave your contact information and we will contact you with step by step instructions.
Guest User Name and password

Not sure about investing and have a question?
Sign in as a guest and ask a question.

To sign in as a guest3 hit reply below, then use the user name and the posting password to sign in and ask your question.

  1. Click reply
  2. type guest3 in username
  3. copy and paste this: 5KkNyQgpMsRWERkFdAZpvj62mmNkuCACr3dZXdbujRhHXykoXJ1 as the password.


  1. Sign IN.
  2. Type your question in the box and click post.


@stephenkendal i



Dear @steem-staking

i've been around on steemit for a while and I must admit, that after reading this post ... I'm myself clueless what is it about and what do you actually expect readers to do. So someone who is very new may have even more difficult time.

Just sharing my thought,
Yours, Piotr

Thank you for the valuable feedback. The post has been edited to make it more clear. Please review the edited post.


Thank you

It’s great to see free signups and help for new members!

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