Good call on that. I'll add it into the settings page or something for reference.

and also some minor things which really bothers me... when I chose particular section, like Overview, Send, Vesting.... there is no graphical indication, which section is currently chosen.

Currently chosen section should be highlighted somehow.

Also I just saw a github report the same thing, do you know if you're using 0.0.6a or was that why you were asking for a version number somewhere? :)

I was asking for this because at the beginning I looked for "SP Delegation" in the wrong tab, and I wasn't able to find it... so I started wondering whether upgrade was successful.

I just discovered on macOS you can use this dropdown:

Not sure if that exists for the other OSes, but it's probably there :)

good to know, but still I think I would be better if that would be more visible. Then people will no have troubles to report on which version they encounter some problems. :)

and... there is no such option in Linux :(

I also cannot switch to SP delegation tab @Jesta. I tried on Windows 10 and windows 7.

I'll dig back into this over the weekend and test why both Linux and Windows are having issues with the new tab.