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Steem-Pocalypse S6D8R2 Strategy

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i still think boiling for a long time is the better option for an unknown situation but we would've died the very next day running across the field!

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Y'all didn't have guns? I had a gun, with more than 3 rounds too. I could have saved you IF you had been my steem-mate.

We did but I would have ran or held up the note

My choice on that was to hit the ground and crawl since that's what the soldiers I know would do. I didn't think trying to return fire would be great but it turns out whoever did that would've gotten really well rewarded!

So far every choice we've been making since would've turned out well - I'm taking lots of notes for next season, like with the creeping charlie and chickweed: we recognized the creeping charlie right away but could not for the life of us figure out the chickweed. We also recognized the poison ivy. Ha. And in the latest, we figured it was time to pull out the note instead of running or attacking. So in the future we just really have to keep in mind that Tom or Earl are ever-present dangers. :D

For tonight's round, it sounds like perhaps it might be time to help someone out, though I wonder if the people doing the shooting might have a good reason to shoot the person behind the woodpile.