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Now THAT was a lot of death!

Fleeing from town with potential cannibals hot on their tails, the teams ran off into the woods, but soon were standing on the edge of a large gorge. The teams could a least hear someone moving in the woods behind them, so they had to choose quickly. Should they wait and see who it is, try to climb down the cliff, or attempt jumping across?

As it turns out, two of the options from yesterday were fatal. Here's how it all went down.


OPTION 1 - Hold your ground and see who comes. If they play nice, attempt to make friends. If they try to kill you, defend yourselves.

Someone was following the teams out of the city. Once they saw that the teams were trapped, they quickly got reinforcements and made their way towards the teams standing on the cliffs edge. The teams may have been able to fight off a few aggressors, but the numbers of the enemies proved to be overwhelming and the teams that chose Option 1 have all perished.

I was sad to see you go, but that is how a survival game goes. I thank you all for playing and hope that you may be back next season to give it another try. To see which teams made this fatal decision, please see the comment section below.

OPTION 2 - Attempt climbing down into the ravine.

With a steep slope of brittle rock, Option 2 was a dangerous one. Though the teams used extreme caution in their efforts, eventually the rock broke loose and they slipped, falling to their deaths.

I appreciate your efforts and you will be missed. Your teams will live on in our memories. Please come back next season to try again if you wish. To see which teams made this fatal decision, please see the comment section below.

OPTION 3 - Attempt to jump across the chasm.

Though the distance was right on the edge of what was possible to jump across for these teams, they made the leap of faith and landed safely on the other side... just barely. The teams who chose this option are the only surviving teams... for now.

To see which teams chose Option 3 and are still in the game, please see the comment section below,


Thankful to be on the other side alive, the remaining teams quickly put some distance between themselves and the gorge. Whoever was on the other side is still on the other side, but the thought of potential cannibals on their tails makes the teams shutter.

The plant growth is thick and the forest looks untouched. It is nothing but solid hues of green. Suddenly, something catches the eye of the teams.

Whatever it is, it is hanging on a tree branch. Its bright blue color looks very out of place. Is is a bug-out bag? Is it just a back-pack? It is a trap?

At this distance, the teams cannot tell. Moving towards the object may be dangerous, but it could be worth the risk. Who knows what it could contain... if anything. Hmmm.... a tough decision indeed.


  • OPTION 1 - Cautiously approach the object and see if there is anything useful in it.

  • OPTION 2 - Get away from this area as quickly as possible.


Each team must reply with their decision within 24 hours of this post to avoid a Coin Toss. Many teams died on Coin Tosses (Dice Rolls) last round. You have two options. Please tell me which you prefer.


The current prize pool is 250 STEEM because of a very generous donation from the legendary @doitvoluntarily. Please check @doitvoluntarily out and tell them thanks with a few upvotes!

Until next time…

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Ouch! Thanks @papa-pepper for another season of Steem-pocalypse.

Perhaps a bit too brutal this time around. I appreciate that it takes a lot of your time to run these and there is a huge apatite for participating in them.

I'll see if I can make some progress with my project that could help you run this more easily, so that it's not so necessary to kill off so many teams so early - and so more people can enjoy being involved in this fun and educational initiative for longer next time.

Right, I was wondering about how to accomplish that. Thank you.


@inber & @steemitcitizen

@deepapoudel & @aashishkandel

@annesaya & @greenstar

Thanks guys!

Omg!! Omg!! Omg!! so sorry, I was unable to come here yesterday,
anyway I will go with option 1, reasoning in my comment :)

Option 1 it is. Thank you.

Oh sorry, I was not online two days :( I just saw it today. So far with the coin toss we are still alive :)

Aaaand I just noticed that my teammate did it. Thanks @inber

Thank God! we survived,
option 1 was a dead end and I knew it, and this time it's not, hopefully :D
We are hungry for a day, we need lunch and hopefully there can be something for us in that blue little thing,
A survivor should try every possible option to help survive, this is definitely a go-ahead option for us :)
I will notify @deepapoudel about this.

Yep! option 1,
I am hungry too :P

Option 1 it is.

Sounds a kool game

It is some fun. Please join in next season if you want.

Shudang, Steemjected.... Keep us posted on the next one, we're gona win it!

There will be a next time!

Thank God we survived! We choose option 2. Thanks.

Option 2, got it!

Farewell, cruel world!

Thanks for trying. Maybe next time!

Holy cow! You weren't kidding about taking things up a notch in early game! Can't wait to see how brutal the rest of the season is! But there is something I must know...WAS TOM ONE OF THE AGGRESSORS?! HAVE WE PERISHED AT HIS HANDS ONCE MORE?!

Man, I even told @ellepdub that jumping sounded like a really bad idea. Now she's gonna be holding this AND me getting her killed over my head!

Lololol. <3

Damn. We dead. :(

But you haven't seen the last of Team Ten Cats! There's always next time! (If @marxrab will have me.)

I would be glad to have you back. Thanks for playing, and i liked what you were adding to the story line. It was entertaining.

I had a feeling that jumping would lead to survival because of the way you wrote it, it sounded slightly more optimistic than standing our ground.

But you're clever, so I then thought maybe it was a trap.

I'm glad you liked it! It was fun. Far too short, but definitely fun!

One last selfie my friend. You look good in those wings and halo. Maybe we'll find someone to resurrect us so we can play next time. Until then I see a never ending carrot field and unlimited tuna in our future.
heaven 2.jpg

Two of my best friends are amazing clerics, a master and his incredible apprentice. They'll have us fixed up and ready to go in time for the next game! ♡

@estronitex we are out. :(

WE should've chosen Option 2 instead......anyway it's been a pleasure and i hope to see you next season :)

Sure. We will be more careful next time. :)

Maybe next time but thank you for trying.

It was my pleasure. Thanks for organizing this.

Option 1: The forest is a lush of green colors. Quite undisturbed. The bag is planted. If it was there for a long amount of time it wouldn't have been so brightly colored and the monkeys(or any other animal) would have got it. It also hasn't been thrown over the gorge because after we jumped we made some distance between us and the cannibals.

Option 2: We have a food ration back-up supply so even if the bag contains something useful it's an unnecessary risk. I say we leave it be and carefully move on, whoever planted it might still be around...

@arkadiy I say we take option 2. What say you?

@papa-pepper Team Scroodiy is taking option 2!

Option 2, pass on the blue thing and keep going. Got it!

option 2 it is!!

Option 2 it is.

Yeah! I'm really happy that we make it to the next round! It will be tough though. I also want to thank @doitvoluntarily for the generosity and the contribution in the prize pool :)

Please let me know which option you choose next.

Option 2. Sorry for the delay.

No problem, Option 2 it is.

Thanks for the opportunity to play, see y'all again next season.

Steembiscuit, signing off.

Thank you for playing. Please do join in next season!

it's overrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I told you that donating wouldn't help your team.... (LOL)

I was very glad to see you joining. Please consider coming back next season, perhaps you will do better.

i didn't think that it would

I know. (That was a joke)

Thank you very much for your support and generosity.

do you ever put up solo games? or always need a partner?

I let a few go solo this time, but a team can last longer and research the "educational" rounds better with more members. I could think about that.

Part of the goal with creating this was increase community interaction, so teams help that.


Well, dang, that was fast. Maybe next time....

Thanks, @devi1714 and @papa-pepper!

I am working on ways to still allow as many teams as possible but extend the gameplay for everyone. It takes me many hours of work to put out a post like this the way that i currently do it, but I have some ideas for the future.

Thanks so much for playing @aunt-ded!

Oh, no complaints. I'm surprised you get these out as fast as you do! The number of teams seems to have grown exponentially - making it even more complicated.

I'll still be following the action and good luck to the remaining teams!

We will see how it goes. Thanks @aunt-deb!

Nice game!

Thank you. Feel free to join in next season if you want to. It is pretty easy to play, just hard to win.

I saw a meal on the other side and had to jump :-)

Feeling relieved with danger on the other side i will need a shelter and get a fire going for some tortoise steaks DO i have a look at that blue someting or stay clear ?

Option 2 is to keep going and not bother with the blue.

With a quick sweep of the terrain it all looks clear


Option 1 it is.

wow, that's a lot of deaths! hmm lesson learnt, now time to wait for next season

Thank you, please do!

Foo(d) Fighters may have to do a name change for next season, maybe that will help us! Lol

I appreciate your efforts!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks for creating this COOL game for all of us Steemians!!

You're welcome. Next season should be even better as I continue to learn and consider improvements.

I don't believe it is a trap so as long as @playfulfoodie agrees we will go with [option 1]

Option 1 it is, unless I hear otherwise prior to posting time.

Yes, yes! Option 1 :D

Got it! Thank you.


Hey @provider, I'm starting to get a little hungry. I think I smell a nice thick, medium rare T-bone in that blue bag. What say we investigate? Or would you rather move on and try to rustle us up a couple of salads down the road a spell?

As much as I would like to check the bag, I am reminded of the saying, that curiosity killed the cat. I say we move on down the road and rustle up a salad!

Option 2 it is then.

Option 2 it is.

option 1

Option 1 it is.

The disinterred ones ran as fast as they could and leaped. It worked out! The hungry cannibals were watching their prey running away from afar. The job was not done at all though. @vcelier and @fingersik were starting to be really hungry. They have given all the remaining energy into the jump and were desperate for food now. Walking through a forest they came upon a blue sack hanging on a tree branch. They exchanged quick looks and immediately knew what had to be done. They checked for any visible trap and didn’t see any, so they approached the sack. Hopefully food will be found today because if not…

Option 1 it is.

@papa-pepper We'll go with option 1 just for pure randomness, if we blow up then I blame bilbop. :)

Whew! Finally made it. I wandered off and came upon an outbuilding with solar panels on the roof. they had bullet holes in them, cautiously I peered inside. On the outside a sign read Depth of Field Recording. so I went inside. To make a long story short: My first love is music and I was overcome by all the recent stress, so took the opportunity to record a few blues tracks. I apologize if I caused any additional worry, to all that you'all have already.

Option 1 it is.

Man! I forgot it was daily not weekly! My bad. I will enter again in the future! Awesome work on the Brazil logo too. I'm diggin' it!

It'll be there for you next season if you want it! Thanks for trying.

Damn! We're dead again bro @iamsgr

Dead again... but there is always next season!

Will be waiting for that.
The game's difficulty increased very much this time :p

We have found a new animal for papa pepper to meet. It is the Phoenix, and like it we will crawl out of the ashes of that crash and burn and return again, and again.
See you all next game.

LOL- I'll meet the Phoenix next time!

At least we fought until the end ! Thanks @papa-pepper for the game !

Option two

Option 2 it is. Thank you.

Well sorry @steemerstan I got us killed.

Maybe next season. Glad that you guys came back though!