In order to participate in Season 5, you must reply to this post.

I will leave this sign up open for a a three day period, giving people all day Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to sign up. On Thursday at midnight CST, the sign up will be closed and only those steemians who have replied to this post will be eligible for gameplay.


To maximize exposure and help give others an opportunity to join, I am officially requesting that some of you choose to resteem this post over the next three days. It would be best for you to wait and not resteem this post right away, but rather to do so at some point on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. It seems that every season at least someone misses out on the sign up opportunity and has to wait an entire season to join in. Hopefully this longer sign up period and your resteems will help others not to miss out.

I know that more players means more competition for you, but more players also may mean that it will take longer for them all to die, which could lead to a higher ending prize pool, since it grows on a daily basis.


For those of you did not read the new rules or the game overview please follow this link to learn more:

Also, to make things as easy as possible, please reply only once to this post. Thanks in advance. Also, a special thanks this season to @liberty-minded for making the title gifs for this sign up and each upcoming round. Thanks!

Until next time…

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@papa-pepper MASSIVE big-ups and props to you for doing this again (and SO quickly too!)
Definitely in for another go at survival, looking forward to seeing what goodies you have planned for all of us! 😀 🤜🤛


Thank you! You in.

Cool. I'm in.


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I would like to participate!

You can count me in @papa-pepper! Thanks for putting this on!

Sign me in @papa-pepper
Thank you for making this game again

I want in! Thanks! 🤗

I'm soooo in!

Upvote Machine.gif

Haha I've been trying to make a game/quiz for the last 2 weeks. Not that easy. Really nice work and I would like to participate. High level game with a lot of excitement comepared to mine;)... Please sign me up. Looking forward to it.



Ill wait until 6 days to resteem. Count me in @papa-pepper.

I'm in @papa-pepper - please sign me up :) I will resteem this post tomorrow also.

I'm back sign me up!

Sounds verry good so Sign me up please ;-)

Greez bluchr

Cool. Sign me up for Season 5!

Sign me up, please!


Looking forward to the doodles!

I'm actually considering trying to do the same. But only if you don't mind. You're the one that started it. :D


Hehe, great! Why should I mind, the more doodles the merrier. :)

This is a good investment opp here.


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Please sign me up too.
Although I might fall out early sounds like hectic fun..
Thanks @papa-pepper for running these fun contests.

This looks pretty cool. Finally I'll be a part of it!
I'm a survivalist and an explorer myself, so hopefully what I know helps me win this competition.

Also, I have a bunch of post apocalyptic pictures (abandoned buildings) that @papa-pepper might be able to use in his posts, if not for this season then the next. Lets survive and Steem on!

Here are a couple examples of what I have.




You already posted this exact same thing about two days ago. XD


I decided to repost it with these pictures on here also :)

Sign me up please

Just got the General Lee back from Cooter, she's all tuned up and running finer 'n frog hair. Count me in.



I want to join in please. :)

I am here to play!


Yaaaayyyy!! I'm so glad your account got approved in time! :D

Sounds like fun! Will be the first time for me, but I'm all in.. please sign me up



Ohhh man, I want to steal that meme! It looks un-doctored, too.. HILARIOUS. Wicked.

Lets do this!

Count me in!! =))


Sign ME Up!!!


doesnt seem like you will last long :P

Sign me up sir!

Signing up please

I'm in.

Sign @tokar854 up please.

vcelier signing up, sir!

I recorded. I was waiting for the new season. Wow=))

Yeah let's do this! Count me in :)

Count me in!

I am in

Sign me right now :D

I would like to play.

I'm in!

I missed last season due to some health problems...this time im back in full strenght @papa-pepper!

@Essentialoilmom and I both want in!

Please sign me up, i missed a day in season 4 T-T

Count me in papa-pepper let me try if my mobile can catch those or lose participate is a must..specially if your having fun!😁😁

Another life, another chance for survival!
I'm ready to go in again, please sign me up.

sign me up please!

Lets goo!!! thanks for sharing!

I dig it!

Hell yeah sign me up, my body is ready!

I'm in!!! Sign me up please!

Ready for my next round, sign me up sir.

Sign me up please!

Please sign me up

Let's do this! I'm ready to ride this bus all the way to Funky Town.

Hi, papa please count me in again. I was not able to make the last episode. 💜

Thanks for giving the opportunity take me in.

I am into this , count me on. Will love to be part of amazing contest.

Sign me up! :)

sign this bad boy up!

I am ready for the pocalypse ,please sign me up.

finally the wait is over sign me up .

Congratulations, I liked your post, it's excellent, thank you for always offering good services. Follow me @alej.

Sign me up!

Aw yeah, sign me up please!


You are!


Thanks a bunch, these are great fun!

Hi @papa-pepper I would like to participate

I wanna play this game !

Thank you for all the fun @papa-pepper. I'll be careful not to drink water from the puddle, this time around!

Please sign me up.

Thanks @papa-pepper for doing these, so glad I caught this one. :)

Do we still do these as a team? If so, @jessmoney wants to be my partner again.

Thanks again!




It's very clearly written in the season 4 recap/game overview/season 5 rules post that @papa-pepper linked in the post body above.


Thank you! Much appreciated.


Sure thing!

sign me up please!

count me in, thanks

Survival of the fittest! Sign me up.


Signed up!

After many moons finally I got a chance to sign up, count me in mate! <3

Sign me up! I was brand new (2nd day) last season when I joined, and missed day three by less than ten minutes :) BTW, 5 is my lucky number ;)

Thank you!


I'm in! I'm so excited can't wait to start. Will re steam on thirsday.

sign me up please

I am in

Sign me up please @papa-pepper , and of course I will re-steem it and one point as well as directly invite some of my friends.

I'm down for the adventure. I'm in survival mode every day. I'm in.


Those hedgehogs are either having fun or terrified... I'm not exactly adept at reading hedgehog emotions XS

I wonder if there's a branch of ethology dedicated to Hedgehogs ?!? (Ethology being the science of understnading Animal Behaviour)

Alright, signing up.. let's do this!

I would like to get in again. Ill double check this time to make sure my post holds. rofl. Thank you @papa-pepper you are the best.

I'm in!

@papa-pepper please count me in!

I think this is a great idea! Count me in!

@papa-pepper Sign me up please!!

Yay, Season 5!

This sounds like fun!!
I would love to join @papa-pepper :)

Sign me up! I'm ready to go!

Sign me up papa! :)

Hey Papa! Sign me up for Season 5!

Sign me up please @papa-pepper.

Sign me up plz :)


Sign me up! :D

Oh, and for Season 6, you may want to just go ahead and leave the sign-ups open for a week. The game can begin when the sign-up post pays out.

That would give a good amount of time to see the resteems of the sign-ups, and also give you some time to do all-important pre-game planning.

Just a suggestion though.

Looking forward to this!

I am a newbie, but sure I will join in on the fun :)
Image of dksartRegularSteemit

Back for more!

Sign me up please!

I would love to be in this season @papa-pepper!

Been waiting since last season, sign me up!

Hi there lets try this again sign me up please!