TO THE CO-OWNERS OF STEEM: I am Being STALKED and FLAGGED by BernieSlanders/NextGenCraphole - Every Post I make on STEEM!

in steem-owners •  2 years ago

So I moved to GOLOS, and guess who came over there to continue stalking and flagging me and my friends? You guessed right, the boy who is so obsessed with me that he just cannot leave me alone, @berniesanders. Are my fellow CO-OWNERS OF STEEM and GOLOS OK WITH THAT?

In the NAME of TRANSPARENCY - Enough is Enough!

I have no problem with flagging for over-rewarding, and I am a big fan of "The Experiment", but this is getting silly stupid. Being stalked and flagged every post I make, my friends comments being flagged and invisible because of 1 single bad shareholders in this company we all own together, STEEM.

And the Marketing-Department wants us to promote this platform and make it big?

I do my fair share of promoting STEEM to the World Wide Web, I have more followers on STEEM than the official steemitblog, I obviously am a great on-boarding asset to our community, but the way I am being rewarded for my successful efforts is to be hated, shit and pissed on by 1 guy that has no love for this platform, this blockchain nor the community what so ever!

A ShoutOut to everyone above 100Mvests - Please contribute with insight and comments below!

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when they're REKT they go insane in their heads, when they're #REKT!

It is going to take big stakeholders to deal with this issue. The experiment can work in reverse. When a whale is downvoting in such a way as to be detracting from the value of the platform as a whole, other whales CAN and SHOULD, imho take action.

The 'Experiment' works both ways. It can even out the upvotes and it can even out the downvotes.

Ideally these things should be worked out by consensus behind closed doors, but when an individual demonstrates that they are unwilling to act responsibly the time for negotiation has passed. It's time for whales to act and protect their own interests. Don't let one individual destroy your investment.


I propose a "goodbyebernie" guild.

If the whale flagging experiment taught us one thing it was that a whales power can be revoked through automated counter voting of equal weight.

Oh, hi bernie, hows that flag coming?

@berniesanders, please can you cut fyrstikken some slack? Extreme attention/use of steem power, although you have every right, is clearly detrimental to steemit and steem. When you consistently flag someone's posts that are not spam or plagiarism, you are also affecting all the voters of those posts. Voting is supposed to be an objective assessment of the value of a post but the special attention you give certain accounts seems more like a vendetta. I don't agree with everything either of you have done in the past....I'm sure you could find comments/posts/behaviours of mine that you would and have both disagreed with too....but if the posts themselves no longer deserve your special attention, then stop using them as a punishment for past issues please.

The truth is that I do not know how I fit here !!

Well @fyrstikken is a friend who was interested in some of my post and now by voting the make me upvote to me !!!!!

Friend @fyrstikken, I'm a programmer !!! If you want I can help you with your programs and add more upvotes to small fish like me !!! So more people are going to complain about these whales, do not stop to do that, but we are hurting many!

And I do not complain that you vote me !!! Keep doing it I'm just going to complain, of these whales that harm the whole community !!! Please stop babes, make your robots for cure as it should be and leave the rest quiet ....

It is not possible to attack those who are beginning with passions or revenge among you !!! Well to order to improve any healing robot ...

If you want to see my work see my entry

And if you do not stop that, God sooner or later pays, God bless ... it is better to be blessed to cursed: O

Excuse me, I do not like English

It's hard to believe these whales are grown adults. The community needs to get together and deal with this before we grow any bigger. Maybe a guild for troubled whales would be a good idea. Bring back the fun in Steemit.

Flagging needs to be delegated (to a Council that stakeholders vote on). Else the platform is vulnerable to attack from anyone willing to invest in a few hundred k SP for the privilege. Council could even have ability to counter-vote abusive upvoting in extreme circumstances.

I think is tottaly wrong to flag basedon EXPERIMENT or PERSONAL HATE .
Flaging a original content is crazy and unfear . Flaging now due the low payments its even more crazy . Flaging selective people based on personal opinion sucks . I also do not like some people here its normal but i just ignore them . Stop the flag war !

fyrst seems cool. Why is he being targeted?


For the simple reason that berniesanders 'doesn't like him'.

The man is on a rampage of downvoting across the platform.

The whole flagging system is broken, at least automated flagging. I had some thoughts on it here a few days ago.


Until its automate VOTE will be also automate FLAGING ................ Every one here in steemit so much like the auto bot vote so this go together with the downvote right ? My personal opinion its the hole system is broken - the vote and downvote ! We need bot free land maybe ?

If we all kept our opinions to ourselves would we have this problem?

Think about how it looks to history*.

If we could get an arbitration mechanism, or just a hashtag?
Where do we come together to hash out our collective issues?
Is it any of our business?
Should we just mind our own, keep our heads down while the dominators rule?
What should our collective mass do with this info?

*Presuming a continuation of the platform.

I feel the need from the bottom of my heart to quote a leading software engineer Linus Torvalds: "you can use GPLv2'd software for your evil plans to take over the world ("Sharks with lasers on their heads!!")... they can fry me with their shark-mounted lasers all they want.". So that's is it. Is this @berniesanders just making something that the platform let him to do? Nothing to blame.

The politics of Steemit should be kept secret until wikileaks discloses them.

Sucks dude. Bernie is a pain and salvation for many. He has saved posts from complete failure and has also chased people away... Hmmm.... sounds like nearly every power user here.

It's just that Steemit has so many varied authors posting so many different things. No single author or whale can appease all here.

My point is.
Chasing one whale off will not be easy as each has a steady following and alienating one will alienate yourself. Rough Crowd. Better to be minnow.


Lol, yes, WikiLeaks,....

I just like seeing folks standing up to defend their positions, conflicting though they are, I generally support both sides having viewpoints.

When you put two bulls in the same fenced area, at some point, one, or the other, jumps the fence.

I had my thoughts here.

comentario eliminado

Just an idea - not sure, it's original: to make flags paid. So - N (0, 1,... etc, I vote for 1) flags are free, next are paid by flagger with liquid STEEM and payment goes to reward pool. No money - no flag. Common idea: kindness is cheap, hate is expensive.

Can we talk about @baah as well? I know I'm new here, but he has been harrasing me since I've joined and as far as I can tell to most people he comments to. I mean this guy has waited 6 hours after a post to come back and pretty much call me a piece of shit haha.


I saw your exchange with him. Grant it I've talked to @baah and I've had no problems , but I can see where it can get out of hand though.


Just wondering who he thinks he is exactly, and why he doesn't understand my flags. At this point I've pretty much stopped acknowledging him. Is there any way to mute a person permanently?