Spread your posts through this proven strategy and get great profits in return – for posts created at 2017-12-31

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The proven road to boost your personal success in this amazing Steem Network

Steem Network

Just follow these simple steps

  1. If you do not have an account yet, create one for free at Steemit, Inc.
  2. Create a high quality post.
  3. If you do not follow Steem Network yet, do it now.
  4. Upvote this post.
  5. Create a comment below with a link to your post created at step 2. Make sure using the corresponding post at Steem Network, where your post creation time in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) fits to the time frame stated in the title above.
  6. Resteem this post.
  7. Find and upvote at least two high quality posts linked in below comments and leave an amazing comment there. You should also follow its author. (If there aren´t comments yet, revisit this post and do unfulfilled steps later.)
  8. Upvote the comments at this post, which correspond to your upvoted posts at step 7.
  9. Back to step 2 at the latest tomorrow. Pay attention that your post fits the time frame stated above.

Note: Success is guaranteed by consistent practice of this strategy!

To help us grow this project and support our Team

Vote Steem Network as Witness yet.

PS: Beware of timing your votes!

For best results wait until Voting Power exceeds 90%!

SteemWorld Voting Power

A recommended tool is SteemWorld.org. There you need to switch to your account first and then you find the actual Voting Power in the upper left corner.


I'm here for almost 6 months and I gave my 1st flag today.

I have written the same comment as a reply to one of your spam comments, but I know you will not see it so I am writing it again right here:

I find this to be a huge spam. People can not even chose to see your comment or not, you are not upvoting the posts or not bringing anything good to the posts besides advertising your account in order to gain profits. Good luck with that!

I am upvoting this comment for visibility, I find it important for people to see it. Think about what would happen if everybody will do the same thing as you do right now.

Thanks for spreading awareness. I will look into it.

Wait so this is a scam account and not some sort of official steemit team account ?
Thank you for writing about it, newcomer here.

Yep, this is NOT AN OFFICIAL account. They are just conviencing people to vote them and promoting themselves in a very intrussive way at the introduceyourself tag. If they don't stop soon, I will take some measures much more than flagging them. Good luck to you and welcome here :)

Well, I am pretty new here, didn't know that it ISN'T an official account. Thanks for spreading the awareness. Flagging this account ASAP. It just wants its upvotes, nothing else.

Hiya, I'm new here as well and your post was the first one I've read! I noticed the picture you've pasted at the very end. Our system is very different to the one you have over there but I find it crucial for everybody to get good and proper treatment when such is needed, regardless of the costs.

Great to meet you! Yes, this country is in a seriously bad struggle. I plan to share my two cents on that in a future blog.

I am a photographer too. But not as educated on that as you. More of a portraiture. Its more of a life long thing I have growing.

Thats a one big family starting. Welcome to steemit, i myself is a new steemian

I wish this family to grow !

Would love to learn about what separated YOU from YOURSELF! https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@saed/greetings-all

I wrote my first blog entry here on Steemit. It's about a mistaken identity issue that could have been prevented by verifying data before publishing. #needyouradvice https://steemit.com/verify/@rescueranjazz/the-need-to-verify-data-before-publishing-a-bad-case-of-intercontinental-mistaken-identity

That is a helluva story! I hope things get worked out!

In my first post here I give some tips for people wanting to get onto the cryptocurrency train!

Very cool. Will be following you!

Here I am with my post, very excited to be among the early birds.

@tyrex just saying hi to another early bird. check my link https://steemit.com/introduction/@unicornvomit/hello

I started on the path I am now in 2011, I'm glad I can finally have a great platform to do it... Thanks Steem https://steemit.com/philosophy/@restorehumanity/fireside-chat-8

I'm diving deep into this stuff for the new year, I love the whole idea of a decentralized attention token. It's like a (r)evolution of social influence and a restructuring of control into the hands of the creators - Steem On Man!
image of blockonomy

What do you love more about crypto

  • [ ] The chance to make money
  • [ ] The chance to redistribute wealth
  • [ ] The idea of a decentralized economy

For me it's a combination of making money, working on future tech, and hopefully a fairer world. But yes, the chance to make money is the most practical and immediate goal.

With the recent explosion of Bitcoin and now Ripple, more and more people are getting on board with this, so we will keep seeing growth in the coming year.

What cryptocoins or tokens are you most enthusiastic for?

I'm really interested to see where steemit goes from here.

In my first post here, I explained ICO in it simplest form. Find post here https://steemit.com/ico/@markodeyo/abc-of-ico

Happy New year, check out my super cute cat photography :)


And a bonus artwork posted just before midnight the other day.


Wonderful picture.

Good to know about this strategy! Thanks for helping minnows in their journey.

Do you or your loved ones has diabetes? What do you know about this lifelong disease?
Prevention is better than cure. Check out my post to know more about it! Here is the link to my post: https://steemit.com/health/@jiafui/how-well-you-know-about-diabetes

Thank you for the welcome and the information, here is my first post (and I have done a second one doing more of an intro)


Embarked on a learning journey, I'll try and do the steps correctly to benefit our community! Here's introduction and a few nice photographs



Hey im new here and wrote something about what i do.

Hello from California! Hope, you enjoy my content!

The future of the internet is here !
The link to my first contribution :

Thanks for doing such a great job with design and workflow. Good luck and god bless!

Wow amazing!!

Why do intelligent people disagree on the foundations of ethics and morality? My stab at an explanation: (more to come) https://steemit.com/ethics/@raztard/ethics-is-an-optimization-problem

huh nice way to start with steemit for beginners ..... https://steemit.com/year2018/@danishdani/happy-new-year-2018

Ready to invest in the future ? Go read this awesome post ! https://steemit.com/tron/@adamo26/looking-for-a-gold-mine-look-no-further

Hey I am new here and this is my first post sharing a 9hrs vinyl megamix of my favorite 90th Techno and House records:


If you are into electronic music and pro audio stuff come over and connect with me.

i am really really new here and still experimenting, https://steemit.com/photography/@pdwtn/dusk