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They are really good! Very funny ;))

Nice to see you again @benjojo. Could you check PM in


Sure vi1son, I'll check right now.


This is not a problem you are not the only one) But I had to tell you. Thank you for all that you do at Steemit.

nice memes again!
but I want to ask. what is the third rock on this one? Is it Steemit.CN? 8))


That is exactly what I was thinking... Well played sir :))

Ah, changing things up on us a little bit. Inspirational instead of funny. Very nice.

Oh...snap...there's a whole lotta funny in here! LOL :)

They are awesome memes. Thank you.

They are very inspiring meme for sure. Thanks

new Meme! Thanks a lot ;D

Wow! They're awesome! I particularly love the one who says Steem binds us... and the one saying in the great cosmic game...

I feel like I've just read the holy bible of Steem right here, LOL.

@benjojo, these are not garden variety memes. This is the stuff that wakes the soul. I love to be inspired. Steem On Dude! And I resteem.


I just hope everyone realises that despite Steemit's teething issues...which I know can be upsetting and divisive at times...we have here a unique, powerful tool. This is what inspires me, along with all the effort so many are making. There is so much passion and creativity here and it won't plateau like on other platforms. It will grow and strengthen. I hope the price of Steem drops even further because the more people who can top up, buy in or work in before the next surge upwards, the better. Really glad you liked the change of tone ;)). Thanks for the support and's about all I have time for at the moment and it means a lot to me to do something.


@benjojo, I absolutely without a doubt, think that steemit is the best opportunity on the web. I really wish I provided better content so that I could grow faster than I am. I'm sure you're aware of you upvote power and how thankful many of us smaller fish are for your contribution. @benjojo, you are the quality of steemit. Steem On Dude!

Good job @benjojo

I promise myself Never to Resteem, This is How I break my own Rules- Resteem it