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RE: I’ll be Powering down to give you more power to you, 300,000 SP delegations will be distributed to Twitter Hustlers next month

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@nathanmars Great thing you are doing here!
I do tweet my steem post from time to time!
My twitter handle is:

Feel free to take a look!


Also great to see @jaynie on the list because she opened my eyes to we have to spread the word about steem more often outside the Steem Exosystem!


Thanks a million for being part of our Blockchain!

Now we’re connected on Twitter and let’s keep pushing #STEEM :)

Let’s do this!
I do have another question which you maybe can answer. Can you tell me how much steem is represented by 1 mvest?
Trying to write a curation post but am tuck with this part.
I did pull all my curation vest rewards from steemdetective, grouped it by week but now I have to transform it in steem and of course hard dollars!

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Thanks for asking

Honestly I don’t know the answer.

Please ask @jongolson and he is the founder it SteemSavvy

Thanks for the referral Nathan!

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hey. so 1 million vests would be 500 steem power roughly. as it fluctuates but not huge swing. so the rule of thumb seems to be 1 million vest is 500 sp.

hope this helps.

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Thanks for the reply. Did find the correct value on steemdb. I just did have another error in my calculation, which did result in a wrong conversion. Due to this I did not believe the info on steemdb 🙁
But I do have it right now. The result of the conversion is in line with the expected results!

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