I’ll be Powering down to give you more power to you, 300,000 SP delegations will be distributed to Twitter Hustlers next month

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I got into crypto because I wanted to enrich others and Our Blockchain is allowing me do exactly that

I’m getting ready for something big and I’ll do whatever it takes to take STEEM to Mars

I believe in all the good people of our Blockchain, and I truly believe in extreme people like myself we get extreme results.

Zweeet40 members get all of 300,000 SP Delegations and distribution is kind of spontaneous, So stay curious and keep on adding value to you, to your communities, your projects and our Blockchain through your Twitter Hustle

Please be aware your Zweeet40 spot is not guaranteed, So don’t take this opportunity for granted

Zweeet40 List

  1. @mariannewest
  2. @freecrypto
  3. @priyanarc
  4. @jaynie
  5. @thereikiforest
  6. @d00k13
  7. @bluengel
  8. @prettynicevideo
  9. @iamjadeline
  10. @josediccus
  11. @madushanka
  12. @kaerpediem
  13. @steemersayu907
  14. @raj808
  15. @nonsowrites
  16. @snook
  17. @cryptospa
  18. @blind-spot
  19. @dmilliz
  20. @whack.science
  21. @anggreklestari
  22. @robmojo
  23. @teamhumble
  24. @jongolson
  25. @hafizullah
  26. @rehan12
  27. @stephenkendal
  28. @stackin
  29. @theycallmedan
  30. @felt.buzz
  31. @sergiomendes

9 more people to be handpicked and delegation distribution starts from 1st March

Thanks a million for your every little effort towards #STEEM Twitter HUSTLE

Please keep on promoting you, promoting your passion, your communities, your projects and our Blockchain on Twitter, because our Blockchain needs attention from Entrepreneurs, Investors, Developers and the masses


What you are doing is amazing @nathanmars. Keep up the great work!

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I truly appreciate all you have done for me, for Steem
Thank you Thank you Thank you

God bless you Nathan, nothing beats kindness from a selfless man. I wish I can join...

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Please check out my latest post

On it

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Hey @nathanmars! I'm using share2steem for my twitter posts. I tweet about my favored steemians also. My Twitter handle is do_i_feellucky.

Keep up the hustle brother! Great job you're doing!

Thanks a million for being part of our Blockchain!

Just followed you on Twitter and let’s keep up the good work:)

Thanks for the follow Nathan!

My pleasure 😇

I have no Twitter or Facebook.. since 2 and a half years..

But I need the SP 🙃

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Bitcoin needed USD pairing to kickstart Bitcoin revolution then now we’ve stable coins and DEX

we need Twitter Pairing to kickstart STEEM Revolution

Yea. But I wont register on Twitter again.

I try to support steem on my own way. :)

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thanks ! :) 💙 #Steem ♨ On !
GodSpeeeeeeed ♥ ♩♬

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곰돌이가 @bluengel님의 소중한 댓글에 시세변동을 감안하여 $0.002을 보팅해서 $0.021을 지켜드리고 가요. 곰돌이가 지금까지 총 3374번 $40.195을 보팅해서 $42.090을 구했습니다. @gomdory 곰도뤼~

고마운 곰도뤼~♥

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Keep hustle people

We are taking #steem to new heights champ! It's an honor to be hustling alongside such great people.

I appreciate all your efforts @nathanmars and this Hustle is growing with every passing day. We will take it forward together for sure.

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Ouups! I was no where to be found yesterday on Twitter because I had to take of a situation offline. Back to full #Steem-ing on Twitter 💪🚀

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Such a cool thing you’re doing @nathanmars. It’s called something, there’s a name for it—leading by example. Way to lead!

Thanks a lot and I appreciate it :)

I think we already have shown that we can really make a difference by banding together. The more we produce good content on Steem and tell the world about it - and, I want to add, help the newcomers to successful on Steem, we can ensure that Steem is here to stay and to become very valuable. I am so looking forward to the delegation. It makes my heart sing when I can give a nice upvote to someone who doesn't see much movement behind that $ sign....

Keep up the good work darling:)

The first set up delegations distributed on the 7th March and please check out my latest post!

Thanks a million for your continuous contribution to our Blockchain with #STEEM Twitter Hustle

Results of these hustling on social media, there are some greenery seen today in Cryptocurrency market
This hustle should be continue till #steem to Mars.
Thank you slogan go #steem go

You are such an awesome person. Thank You so much for seeing something in me and thinking that I am doing my part on helping the community in here. There is no words to describe the amazing work You have been doing in here.

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you are awesome! :)
but how you can watch people's twitts ? is there any where we can post the link of our twitt ?or no need to do it ..
i didn't start it yet, will do it very SOON... :)

Please search on Twitter using #STEEM hashtag and see what our fellow Twitter Hustlers are up to :)

How do we get involved in this?

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Thanks for asking:)

Promote you, your passion, your communities, your projects and our Blockchain on Twitter

Think about bringing value, Think about compounding impact of every day Hustle, Think about innovative approach with the #STEEM Twitter Hustle

Please check out my latest post more more details

The power of Steem Power is very much needed, but the most important thing is the spirit of the Steem Hustler to promote Steem.

Really appreciate the project you are building. Thank you so much

Go Steem

mean I not only tweet my own post also tweet other people post right ?😄

Literally no rules with the #STEEM Twitter Hustle.

Promote you, your passion, your communities, your projects and our Blockchain on Twitter

Think about impact of your Twitter Hustle, Think about compounding impact of every day Hustle and think about your unique approach

Tweet tweet tweeet🐥🐥we all with you! Great idea! Lets do it!👊

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very nice

lets hustle #steem on twitter


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Thank You Nathan for all the support and the doings for the community. All the dedication and hard work will be worth it no matter what. Lets keep on going with our effort and hustle !!

YEah ! Let's Do It EXTreme !!

#steem rocketing towards Mars !!

Thanks A Lot Nathan for Every Contribution of yours to empower n enrich us !!

You're amazin !


😍Thank you again @nathanmars 💖 Cheers & Congrats to all Zweeet40 Fam! ✨🙏✨

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I tweet most of my interesting posts on #Twitter, my handle is @ahmadmanga (same here) if you'd like to add me.

Thanks for doing all you do Nathan.
I'll say it in Haiku:

Action, reaction... Sharing, caring selflessly inspires people.

Flowing currents build powerful torrents, settling in change.

It's the idea of leading by example, which you have done so well, and flowing with momentum to inspire a change in perspective.

Thanks again, I hope you enjoy the poetry 🙂

That will help boost the team morals. Nice one

Everyday it will become out task - hustling for Steem.

We should all be Steem ambassador. To speak for Steem. To be visionary. Thank you for being our role model. Aye Captain. Won't take that for granted. 🙏😊😍

The attention is great but you need to measure the effect of it.

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The attention is clearly working😄..

@nathanmars Great thing you are doing here!
I do tweet my steem post from time to time!
My twitter handle is:

Feel free to take a look!


Also great to see @jaynie on the list because she opened my eyes to we have to spread the word about steem more often outside the Steem Exosystem!

Thanks a million for being part of our Blockchain!

Now we’re connected on Twitter and let’s keep pushing #STEEM :)

Let’s do this!
I do have another question which you maybe can answer. Can you tell me how much steem is represented by 1 mvest?
Trying to write a curation post but am tuck with this part.
I did pull all my curation vest rewards from steemdetective, grouped it by week but now I have to transform it in steem and of course hard dollars!

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Thanks for asking

Honestly I don’t know the answer.

Please ask @jongolson and he is the founder it SteemSavvy

Thanks for the referral Nathan!

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hey. so 1 million vests would be 500 steem power roughly. as it fluctuates but not huge swing. so the rule of thumb seems to be 1 million vest is 500 sp.

hope this helps.

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Thanks for the reply. Did find the correct value on steemdb. I just did have another error in my calculation, which did result in a wrong conversion. Due to this I did not believe the info on steemdb 🙁
But I do have it right now. The result of the conversion is in line with the expected results!

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I was obviously thinking the same, I hope people won't take their spot as unconditional and totally guaranteed because it won't help us really in our quest for promoting #steem, resilience matters a lot, and the love for steem should be the first priority really, I'm glad for your profound sacrifices

Thank you for added me Zweeet40 List.
These 40 hustlers have big response to bring #STEEM to mars.

You are always on

stweemter ...haha

That's what happens when twitter meets steem😊
Good work @nathanmars

It's really great news for us, who we are try to make #steem popular in tweeter.

Keep doing YOU and follow your heart and guts. I'm so proud of you.

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Have you seen my tweet for today??
Will be tweeting #steem on a daily from now

What’s your Twitter handle bro ?

Super happy to have you Hustling on Twitter for our Blockchain

Great stuff brother! Keep it going. you are doing so much for the blockchain and we appreciate your efforts and are more than happy to stay by your side to take steem to "mars"!

Great work Nathan

#steem is trending on Twitter

Thanks for noticing my Hustle and making me a part of this zweet40 list💪.

Just trying my best to add more values on twitter for #steem 😊😊

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I am always follow your all rules so you know that......

Great, fully support what you did and your future planning on this lovely blockchain.

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I am really proud to being a part of the great team and it is also a great opportunity to work together. Let's move forward together to make another earthquake in the Twitter World with #steem.

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appreciate you man. thank you for everything you do for all of us here on steem.

the passion from each of these people on the list shows how awesome we truly have it here.

let’s keep pushing this blockchain to mars and beyond ;)

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@nathanmars, thank you for your trust and including me into the list.
#Steem on, my #blockchain brother!

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You the man Nathan! Let’s do this! 🙌🏼

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Your thoughts makes sense man.
If I have learnt something all these years is that nothing good comes without hard work.
Action and reaction.
Keep up the awesome blockchain and Twitter hustle Nathan.

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Good idea ! Thank you for giving a voice to STEEM on Twitter !

hey, thanks for being included man.

This post has been included in the latest edition of SoS Daily News - a digest of all you need to know about the State of Steem.

damn your a Beast Brother Nathan :) Keep up the great work as I know you're working so hard on this :)