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RE: Simple Things That Will Make You A Better Steemit Blogger

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Another very helpful post @lucypher

I have this post of yours bookmarked and use it everyday.

The above post is spot on and fortunately I had already made many of the changes, but there are indeed a few suggestions which I will definitely adopt.

If you'd like to check out my latest, here it is.

Thanks again for the help, upvoted @roused


Thanks, I really appreciate that you liked my posts.

May I make a suggestion? When adding links to your posts in a comment on someone else's post you'll get a much better response if the link you add has something to do with the topic we are discussing.

This is true all over the internet but especially on Steemit. Just so you know. An unrelated link will turn a lot of people off and doesn't really add to the discussion.

Sorry for offending & I gladly accept your constructive criticism. Pls. note that I first posted a link to another post of yours which was very helpful to me. Didn't mean to imply my post covered the topic, only that you, and only you, might be interested in how your advice had influenced me.

No offense taken. I just know that posting an unrelated link to the topic of a post is frowned upon on Steemit and will hurt your reputation if you keep doing it. A lot of new people are not aware of this so I thought you should know.

For more tips on Steemit etiquette read this

Thanks & your advice and helpful post are much appreciated.

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