Please Help. My account seems to be frozen

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 Please help Steem community. 

I have had some steem dollars in conversion now for about a month? 

My Steem Power has not increased at all for a month also? 

Appears my account is frozen. Any advice would be appreciated. 

@dantheman @ned or whoever some help would be appreciated!

Cheers @daycrypter


I seem to be having the same problem. It tells you conversion takes 3.5 days but I have some that has been 'in conversion' for much longer. It is a small amount, is there some sort of minimum or something?

No minimum amount that I know of. Maybe? Mine is about $10.
Problem seems to have come when they changed the interest payment amounts a month or so back?
I just tried powering up the small amount I had left and doesn't seem to be credited to Steem power either?

Under Steem Dollars I have two small amounts "in conversion":

(+$0.007 in conversion)
(+$0.359 in conversion)

The first has been there for more than a week. The second has been there for a few days (I'm not positive it's been more than 3.5 days yet but I think so).

Mine is a larger amount and been about 26 days.
(+$0.198 in conversion)
(+$9.357 in conversion)
No amounts in my account have adjusted in 26 days by the looks.

I did the same thing a few days ago and all went well.
The SBD was transformed in Steem and then I was able to power up properly. More than a week seems weird...

Thanks for the info @rmach. Must be just some of us.

I had a similar problem. i was trying to change my profile pictures, and couldnt access the page. I tried everything, including signing into my wallet and steemit profile at the same time. After I selected "remain signed in", I was able to access the page and upload my new profile pictures and was also allowed to post again. One issue I have now, is in 2018, I recieved nearly 13,000 dogecoin, which were basically worthless at the time. The Dogecoin was stored on "Blocktrades", but when I asked Blocktrades how to access the Dogecoin, they said it wasnt there. When Steemit first came on line, it was based in Luxembourg, but was later sold, to some other group. I have a Poloniex accout before, but now since Im American, I cannot use Poloniex, even though it is still based in Delaware. I also do not understand this "Hive" system they have implemented. I had a list of freinds, but lost contact with everyone after the "Hive" thing came out. Any explanation or information will be greatly appreciated. Try logging on both the wallet and Steemit account at the same time and select "Stay logged in" Hope this helps, Marco