Why your post or article - do not shoot at STEEMit?

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Greetings to all who read me.
Thank you for choosing to spend time and read.
Everyone who shares his observations, opinion in the comments - I give one cent. (what to do, pussy still =)))
First of all, the answer to the question - why does my post not fire?

I answer - he did not interest the community. This is not an exchange of articles and here are not interesting articles that you can drag from other resources.

Also, in addition, I can add that your post or story - does not shoot because in your environment there are no people with a lot of STEEM POWER. It is important. To have an article shot she must give an initial push! Not always but often more so! If there is no initial push - a shot to 200-1000 dollars will not be!

In general, I will reveal to you the big secret of Steemit. If your article does not shoot up to 100 dollars in the first 15 minutes, or at least in the first 30 minutes, then the chance of a shot decreases geometrically with every minute.

Why is that?
The community has curators - people who supervise interesting articles. Supervision is the promotion of history up + earnings for the curator. That is, the curator helps you earn money for yourself.

In the community of large curators are called Whales.
The average curators are dolphins.
Small curators - squeak.

Only dolphins and whales have value!
Piskuns will not be able to push your article to the top! For pushing out, you need hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions. Therefore, one whale's whiskey can give you 300-400 bucks. One likes a pussy will give you at best 1-2 cents =)

Che for the hell? Everything is lost?
According to my personal observations, articles are often shot at the top, if at least one good dolphin (+10 - +20 dollars for one like) licked them. Such an article can be circumvented by a whale and also lycnut. Or maybe not. If we get lucky.

If your article lycnut at least 2-3 dolphins, the chances of getting a husky from the whale grow strong! I will not name any exact figures so as not to disappoint anyone in the future. Dolphins, they also are different.

The copy-paste does not pass. No, rather, it can pass, but it is more a rarity than an exception. The exact recipe is how to make sure that the article is shot - no. However, there are a number of recommendations, following which you will increase significantly your chances. All that will be written below is personal experience!

How to succeed?
Write the articles yourself! Curators love the unique and the new. It does not matter in what language. Write it yourself!
Have friends of a dolphin or whale. In general, any support of your post in the first minutes of its existence is IMPORTANT!
Take photos of yourself, do not drag them from Ineta. Any of your work is valued.
Steemit - a young community (social network). Any young community or network wants to develop. The first half of the year - a year in this community will be a popular trend about who you are, how you got here, how you invited your friends, why you decided to leave other social networks and stay here. And similar topics. Also topics about programming are intersecting with the platform.
Choose the right time for fasting. (Usually this time is from 19-00 to 23-00 New York) - if your posts are in English. And our time - if in Russian.
Interact with the community! IT IS IMPORTANT! (A friend of mine wrote articles writing a maximum of 6 cents per article.When he psyched and asked the English community the question "Why can not I do anything in STIME? What am I doing wrong? Tell me!" - his article in a moment gained 33 cents When you communicate with the community - it communicates with you! It is alive!)
Again! Items 1 to 6 have more information than you thought! Reread again or two!
Write your comments to friends! I'll give 1 cent to everyone who writes something other than "cool post")))

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