Are Two or Multiple Accounts Allowed on Steemit? Especially for Non-Profits?

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I've been here a week today as another user (just had an article pop for $300, woot woot!), and now I've opened this second account - not to scam Steemit, but to separate my non-profit activities from my personal (for financial, tax, legitimacy, and just plain old integrity purposes).

Yes, as a last ditch I created a new FB account to do so, because Reddit was just too difficult to deal with.

Any monies generated from here would go to a separate bank account of course (can't wait for the day when CoinBase, BitCoin, etc, can be eliminated from the equation) and I DO NOT get paid from the non-profit even. I am a full time restaurant waiter for income, 48 yo male.

But before I get rolling and waste a lot of time - or lose both accounts down the road - I'd hope that the community can answer for me how such might be viewed here by the top guns.

I love the platform, am promoting it legitimately to friends and family (my co-workers are already sick of hearing about it, haha!) but it's just not appropriate in my case to let my nonprofit activities overlap with personal. And I'm sure as time passes many many more people are going to have the same question.

Especially in the U.S., churches and animal shelters alike are going to want accounts just for the free blog and global platform with the Steemit user base. But no one wants the founder, secretary, or webmaster being able to divert all the Steem dollars to their own personal accounts, right?

So far, this link below is the best thread I've even found, but it's short, new, and also has no authorative input. Yet I mean...

@dan @ned @donkeypong? @stellabelle @cryptoctopus @dantheman Anyone?

Would I be tagging these people if I were trying to pull a scam?

"Eh, you might Rabbit, you might...."

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Thats an excellent question, I also am interested. I @jennsky write about anything, while I have another persona on facebook that only covers spirituality and Buddhist wisdom. Not the same group type of followers at all. They don't mix, so for now, I have only brought one over to Steemit.


Thanks for the vote and esp for chiming in, I'm following you. I definitely understand, and so far we all know that the real scammers are already doing it left and right

so let's get it on the table. It wasn't that hard for me to do once I decided to.


Haha, wasn't sure that would work in a comment! This site rocks


so did you bring the monk over @jennsky


Not as of yet.
I do think this would be a great venue for that work. But I have spent years cultivating that following. Not ready to trash it by exposing myself.

Looks like no answer


You noticed that as well eh? Disappointing. However rather than meaning "no you can't" perhaps the truth is "yes you can and all of the top people are doing it, but they'd rather not affirm it". But that would also be assuming that anybody besides you or I saw this post.

This seems to be the best answer from the FAQ :)

Am I allowed to create more than one account?
Each user is allowed only one paid-for account created via, however users are allowed to create multiple accounts on the blockchain. Creating additional accounts on the blockchain requires users to pay their own account creation fee for any additional accounts.