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BDExchange is a discord Bot which is developed by @reazuliqbal. It has various features which give lots of support to making transactions easily in short time. I don't even need to go to the browser without publishing my posts or comment's on other posts. My all work I can do by the BDExchange.

BDExchange premium version has new features brings more advantage for members with previous facilities. You can manage your Steem-engine wallet from Discords .You can do almost every actions from discord just by some simple command .I am not going to make this so much lengthy post, so going to describe every SE(Steem-Engine) features one by one.

Discord don't have any plugins and using 3rd party plugins against their TOS, So each time when your account authority action will be needed, bot will generate a webpage link to sign transaction from Steem Keychain or Steemconnect .

Example :

How to Confirm Transaction :

I want deposit 100 steem on my SE balance , for that active key required to confirm the transaction . So after the command bot will give me a webpage link to confirm from that

It will create a custom link, you need to click on that link

On the next page it will give you 2 choice to confirm your deposit transaction, if you want to confirm through Steem Keychain then click on that or you can confirm through Steemconnect. I am going to use Steem Keychain .

Steem keychain extention pop-up will be showed up , confirm the transaction.

Your Balance will be add with in next 2/3 minutes . This is how all active action need to confirm .

All Steem-Engine Related Commands and Use Example :

  • Deposit STEEM to SE : .. se-deposit <AMOUNT> <SYMBOL>
    Example: 100 steem

  • Check current SE balance of a user : .. se-balance <STEEM_USERNAME> [TOKEN]
    Example : neoxian

  • Check price of a SE token: .. se-price <AMOUNT> <TOKEN>
    Example : 100 leo

  • SE Token Transfer to other users : .. se-transfer <AMOUNT> <TOKEN> <STEEM_USERNAME> [MEMO]
    Example : 1000 dec steemmonsters [Post_url for buy upvote] We all know we can buy upvote buy sending dec to steemmonsters , also from other SE token supported bidbot like : @neoxiancityvb , @leo.voter @sct.voter @minnowsupport .

  • Stake tribe or mining tokens : .. se-stake <AMOUNT> <TOKEN> [BENEFICIARY]
    Example : 100 neoxag zaku , You can also send tokens as staked to other all you need to do just change the username Like : 100 neoxag aggroed

  • Delegate a SE token to other user : .. se-delegate <AMOUNT> <TOKEN> <BENEFICIARY>
    Example : 1000 neoxag bdcommunity

  • Check Incoming & Outgoing Delegations of a user : .. se-delegations <STEEM_USERNAME> [TOKEN]
    Example : .. se-delegations zaku

  • Check top holders of a SE token : .. se-richlist <TOKEN>
    Example : pal

  • Check metrics of a SE token : .. se-metrics <TOKEN>
    Example : dec

  • Check open orders from the SE market : .. se-market <TOKEN>
    Example : dec

  • Check Your all open orders from the SE market :

  • Buy SE tokens from the market : .. se-buy <AMOUNT> <TOKEN> <PRICE>
    Example : 100 dec 0.00364 Here the price will be specific amount for each token , By this command i am placing a buy order : 0.00364 steem/dec for 100 dec.( That means i want to buy 100 dec for 0.00364 at steem/dec rate)

  • Sell SE tokens to the market : .. se-sell <AMOUNT> <TOKEN> <PRICE>
    Example : 100 dec 0.00361 as like as buy order the price will be specific amount for each token, by this command i am placing a sell order : 0.00361 steem/dec for 100 dec. (That means i want to sell 100 dec for 0.00361 at steem/dec rate)

  • Check your open orders from the SE market : .. se-orders <TOKEN>
    Example : dec by this command bot will show your all open orders of a specific token market.

  • Cancel a buy/sell order : .. se-cancel <TYPE> <ORDER_ID>
    Example : sell/buy <order_id> If you want to cancel your sell then use sell or if you want to cancel your buy order use buy . The <ORDER_ID> can be found from by checking open orders copy from there and paste into the command.

  • Withdraw STEEMP as STEEM : .. se-withdraw <AMOUNT> STEEMP
    Example : 10 steemp Your Balance will be add on your steem wallet with in next 2/3 minutes .

Steem-Engine SCOT related commands :

  • Check unclaimed SCOT rewards of the user : .. scot-rewards <STEEM_USERNAME>
    Example : zaku By this command bot will show all unclaim scot rewards

  • Claim SCOT rewards of the user : Bot will give individual link for each SCOT claim .

In some of case bot require Active Authority , so you need to confirm the transaction from webpage as i showed on up.

For using that bot you need to do subscribe , I explained the process of subscription on this post, also if you want to check the whole process with details screen shot please check this post . The @BDExchange bot available on two discord channel atm BDCommunity Discord Channel & Neoxian City Discord Channel . You don't need to subscribe multiple server if you subscribed on a server and want to use on another server just type ..hello command , Bot will give you role to use the Bot features . Also if you want to invite @BDExchange bot to your server you need to contact with @reazuliqbal on discord reazuliqbal#1149 .


Note : There is a subscription fee for use that bot which is 2 Steem/Month , that means $0.50 for a month . You will get all those features just for 50 cents for a month , That money goes to dev fund .@Bdexchange bot not just giving Steem-engine survice , also providing other service also . After subscribe the bot just give command it will dm you with available services and commands.

That's all for now . If you have any suggestions or if any inconveniences happen, feel free to ask the developer reazuliqbal#1149 on Discord or you can mention him @reazuliqbal .


@bdcommunity is an initiative on the steem blockchain trying to help all Bangladeshi standard authors and share their work and knowledge, to improve their skills. We curate grade contents to encourage hard-work and support originality. We are also arranging contest among Bangladeshi steemians and rewarding selected quality work. We also feature important updates from Steem Inc. and witnesses.
We believe an organized and effective communication within the community can determine the success. So we build up the communication on our Discord server and happy to show off our various features of the bot. On there you just need to pass command for check out your account information, balance, market rate and also you can exchange coin, buy upvote, transfer balance through the registration of bdexchange.



50-50_test2.png 50-50_test1.png

Hopefully, our community program will make a significant contribution!
Love from Bangladesh!!


to bad I'm not a big discord use fan

If you are, you can also use BANJO which i think is safer, and can have all of these extra commands that show stuff liek this

as soon as @inertia sees this :D

How can I use this bot separately where no one can see my commands (rewards)? lol

lol you want to take it on your secret channel ???? hahahaha

#palnet #neoxian #steemleo #spt

Yes, I will create a server for it. :D

You know that everything is public on the blockchain?

One just has to go to to check your pending rewards, and basically anything about your account. (Really should try to stop self-voting so much and get out there to vote on others more.. Engage with more and more people and you'll get wayy better rewards than from self-voting)

Or here to see your wallet and SBI units:

Just seems silly to see this comment so I want to make sure you know that there is no point trying to do anything privately on STEEM :)

  • please don't take this offensively, I'm only trying to help.

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Do you charge others to use it on their servers?

I'm wanting to bring this post to an admin in one of the servers I frequent but I just need to know that detail please.

No, we don't charge anyone to invite the bot on their server, we do only user subscription charge. If you subscribe from one server you can use the bot on other servers too...

!neoxag 20

Perfect, thank you very much!


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@zaku, This is something really unique because first time i am hearing about the Exchange on Discord. Keep up. 👍

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Yeah we are the first who offering SE exchange services from Discord .

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Sounds great initiative.

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Thanks @zaku very much, you are very hard working man. Lot of work you have done on steem. I am proud of you as a Bangali.
#palnet #neoxian #steemleo #spt

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