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RE: scammer alert!! 666 - @fake.toshi - selling fake BTC coins !!!111

in #steem-enginelast year

thanks for refunding. I am new to steem-engine and just did a test buy and ended up with the fake btc that i couldn't sell back then ;)
Just used test money, so no harm done, but its good to see how serious things get handled here. Keep up the good work. I am in for the Afit ISO on friday :)


Great to have you aboard! Please understand that I had not refunded you directly, but apparently your BTC coin (my test / fun / whatever fail coin) was actually sold to stealthtrader, per the data I got. So I had refunded the STEEMP you got from that sale back to him, instead of to you as you already got your STEEMP back through the sale. At least this is how I interpret the data, let me know if something was off.

Good luck with the Actifit ISO!

Thank you for the info :)

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