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in #steem-enginelast year (edited)

Yesterday's post by @SteemMonsters about their successful STO drew me back to Steem-Engine.

I remembered that a couple of months ago (early february) during their pre-launch phase I tested the platform and out of fun I also created a token. I was running out of inspiration and/or thought it was fun so I created the steem account @fake.toshi using the which became the single owner of all the "BTC - coin" I "minted" on the Steem-Engine platform. I had issued exactly the same amount of tokens being in circulation as Bitcoin. Yes all for fun, but I should have known better...

Once the DEX Market became live on the Steem-Engine site @fake.toshi tested this feature by putting up 1 BTC coin for sale, more or less at the same amount of Steem / BTC, (for 8888 STEEM).

@aggroed announced 5 days ago the launch of true BTC/LTC/ETH pegged coins on the Steem-Engine, where a custodian gateway holds the BTC / LTC / ETH (epic work by @someguy123!). Because now the BTCP initiative is launched on Steem-Engine which is a truly IOU based coin, giving you the "right" to claim BTCP : BTC on 1:1 ratio, I especially understand that me having a token called "BTC" listed for sale on the DEX is very confusing.

I found out that the token I made is actually removed from the Steem-Engine UI by now, so that's great. However actually some people had bought some of the BTC Coin. Nice, but not so nice :)

@aggroed had contacted me on Discord (not an avid Discord user as some of you know :P) - asking me about the BTC coin token: "I keep getting complaints that people have purchased teh btc you listed thinking it was actually representing btc in part because you point back to Folks are wondering if you will refund their purchases. Do you have a response to this?"

So my response was:
see my response in #token-creation (on the Steem-engine discord), but the tldr is I understand that it is confusing, especially since BTCP is now running which is truly pegged / IOU. So I understand the removal and such. Never had the intention to scam of people or smth. Just created the token when the rumours where going about SE (SteemEngine). And thought it was fun / i ran out of inspiration I guess :smiley:
anyhow it's good that it's delisted. For future delists, might be nice to contact / response prior to delisting.

  1. If you know of a way how I can easily see how much STEEMP everyone spend, I'm happy to instantly return all the steemp to the appropriate owners
  2. If you know of a way how i can update the token (now that it's delisted) to make it more reflective of being a test, I'm also all ears !

Ok, cleaning up this (little) mess

In the meantime I found out who is holding the BTC coin I issued, (in total about 180 SteemP had been sold afaik) - . However the holders part is incomplete afaik. It's great that the BTC coin is no longer accessible through the Steem-Engine UI, so if all holders can send me the transactions of them buying the BTC coin with STEEMP, I'm happy to refund.

I think the following people, according to have the token:

Know Steem-Engine Smart Contracts? Please help me?

If you are experienced with the Steem-Engine Smart Contracts I can need some help as the User Interface is no longer working for the token:

  • If you know an easy way to display all token holders of the BTC Coin including to retrieve their transactions of purchase?
  • As the token is delisted I would really like to: remove the token, from the platform (deactivate, if possible) and remove any outstanding BTC on the DEX from the DEX.
  • Then I would like to mint all the not yet minted tokens (to the "max supply of 21 million) and send all the tokens to @null.

If you know how I can easily achieve this, please let me know.

Dear BTC Coin buyers: Sorry for any confusing I introduced in the Steem-Engine system. Please accept my apologies.



found a way to retrieve the tx's related to the BTC coin using by @wehmoen. Then putting those transaction ids' in steemengine python package by @holger80 to retrieve the details. (Holger is now also writing a fully automated script afaik). I'm now refunding all those involved using Steem Keychain's "token send" feature (as I have some trouble importing/using @fake.toshi into Beem). Here is the overview of sends to be happening on fake.toshi account:

Returning transaction 0e465651c89d58ad813f631f9003f01021c8db77 (SteemEngine block #44068) to @elamental

elamental 97.956 STEEMP market
market 0.01102 BTC elamental
market 97.956 STEEMP fake.toshi

Returning transaction 944e3a5605d580bf0fe5723d7f497d855afbddf5 (SteemEngine block #43207) to @monsterbuster
monsterbuster 4.444 STEEMP market
market 0.0005 BTC monsterbuster
market 4.444 STEEMP fake.toshi

Returning transaction ab3fd0a09a0cad9de376665b1079cda3014c4378 (SteemEngine block #42771) to @followbtcnews
followbtcnews 44.444 STEEMP market
market .005 BTC followbtcnews
market 44.444 STEEMP fake.toshi

Returning transaction 58999a6f09f91b353f1acf2a499a4dda05241709 (SteemEngine block #42256) to @monsterbuster
monsterbuster 8.000 STEEMP market
market 0.0009 BTC monsterbuster
market 8.000 STEEMP fake.toshi

Returning transaction 6c83d6365ef021687b9c4fbca6dead5d1d311224 (SteemEngine block #42019) to @stealthtrader
stealthtrader 9.511 STEEMP market
market 0.000445 BTC stealthtrader
market 3.954 STEEMP profquax
market 0.00062500 BTC stealthtrader
market 5.556 STEEMP fake.toshi
market 0.001 STEEMP stealthtrader

Returning transaction c5fb770d009445ae40b39e91af35fb91bd4f425e (SteemEngine block #32085) to @profquax
profquax 3.956 STEEMP market
market 0.000445 BTC profquax
market 3.956 STEEMP fake.toshi

Returning transaction acddca352289141bf2298fa5b5f1e376326eaf87 (SteemEngine block #21954) to @y-o-u-t-h-m-e
y-o-u-t-h-m-e 0.001 STEEMP market
market 0.0000001 BTC y-o-u-t-h-m-e
market 0.001 STEEMP fake.toshi

Returning transaction 8b7933590d035ad3a120db618f24c8e49b238440 (SteemEngine block #21673) to @stealthtrader
stealthtrader 1.001 STEEMP market
market 0.0001126 BTC stealthtrader
market 1.001 STEEMP fake.toshi

Returning transaction eff811cfac89920df2d9905cd1244f47a80964a2 (SteemEngine block #16485) to @stealthtrader
stealthtrader 3.822 STEEMP market
market 0.00043 BTC stealthtrader
market 3.822 STEEMP fake.toshi

Returning transaction d76a62b335f23285d1c25dff9d787cf26e366600 (SteemEngine block #15719) to @stealthtrader
stealthtrader 10.000 STEEMP market
market 0.001125 BTC stealthtrader
market 10.000 STEEMP fake.toshi

Returning transaction 86c034f0f5e40fdc66f6bfdf6809b57a75a5429a (SteemEngine block #14875) to @stealthtrader
stealthtrader 1.000 STEEMP market
market 0.0001125 BTC stealthtrader
market 1.000 STEEMP fake.toshi

Ps. as you can see from the above tx's you will notice @profquax resold his SteemEngine BTC coin already so will refund it to @stealthtrader instead -

thanks all, and sorry for the hassle / confusion. Please see @fake.toshi on for the refund transactions.


Hello, @roelandp,
It was all fun :)
I just wanted to test how Small amount of your BTC token could be purchased on STEEM-engine.
I could see alphabet 'e' in my token wallet balance after all.. Haha.

Your BTC token is gone,
But all the fun will be remain as a fun memory. :)

Hope to catch you again during next Steemfest! 😁
Cheers 🍺👍

hahahaha lol!


I too laughed the whole way down 😂

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Coming out with this clarification is very vital especially when things were done without any ulterior motive for harming people. Things will definitely work out fine. Suggestions will definitely come from the right sources. Thanks @roelandp

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@holger80, can you help Roeland out with this?

And Roeland, I'm glad it was you that issued BTC token - there are worse fake.toshi's out there I'm sure!

I'm actually working on a script :)

Ha cool... i'm already fixing this also... I mixed with your great steemengine python api calls to retrieve all data (it's only 9 - 10 txs anyhow) and returning the steemp.

but i think your scripts will be helpful anyhow! Steemengine python package works like a charm!

It took a while to parse all the sidechain blocks. Here are my results:

That doesn't not surprise me at all 😁

Whoopsi. lol
Im sorry, i know some people bought it and you are in a mess... But it is kind of funny honestly. :D
An upstanding Steemian by joking around makes a token that scams some folks and now has to fix it.



you will always be my no1 witness roeland ;) less power mongering more character! :)

Thank you for clearing all this up with honor my friend. I was definitely worried for a couple days. I am still very much looking forward to using the Steem Engine Market for pegged coins as well as tokens such as the Steem Monsters ones. I will just pay much more attention and test with less Steem next time. Blessings, and thank again for being a stand up guy.

Loved the creation of "fake" "Satoshi" that "owned" more bitcoin and satoshis that the original Satoshi!

thanks for refunding. I am new to steem-engine and just did a test buy and ended up with the fake btc that i couldn't sell back then ;)
Just used test money, so no harm done, but its good to see how serious things get handled here. Keep up the good work. I am in for the Afit ISO on friday :)

Great to have you aboard! Please understand that I had not refunded you directly, but apparently your BTC coin (my test / fun / whatever fail coin) was actually sold to stealthtrader, per the data I got. So I had refunded the STEEMP you got from that sale back to him, instead of to you as you already got your STEEMP back through the sale. At least this is how I interpret the data, let me know if something was off.

Good luck with the Actifit ISO!

Thank you for the info :)

This is very dangerous given the numbers they have to find a solution to protect our money even if you pay them

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Your token might work for everyone, I'm sure of that

this was a test token which resulted in people buying it because i forgot to remove it from the dex. shame on me. All people involved have been reimbursed. See

It will work out just fine. You have got this, you know it, halfwin

this was a test token which resulted in people buying it because i forgot to remove it from the dex. shame on me. All people involved have been reimbursed. See

You did not do it intentionally, it was a mistake, karma won't come around bitchin since it has been reimbursed. Take it as a good learning, feel disappointed for couple of days and move on. I know you would, just saying if it can help you

You've got DRAMA. You are going to be a Whale!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

When we have finished making tokens on the Steem Engine platform and can be removed again the tokens that we have made on the Steem Engine platform this is not good, I think this is not good in the belief of many people for the future Steem Engine platform. all must be like strong commitments or rules to get good trust in the platform they are developing.

In settings to create your own token.
before making a new token you have to think about it first, the volume and token symbols cannot be changed after they are created, I am confused and less trust in the Steem Engine platform now, when they are not happy with the tokens we make, they can easily delete our tokens as they want.

I hope the tokens that you release are a pleasure for many people, you have contributed a lot in this matter

this was a test token which resulted in people buying it because i forgot to remove it from the dex. shame on me. All people involved have been reimbursed. See

Hey Roeland, do you already have plans for Steemfest4?

yes 🔮

ah come'on don't be so cryptic :-D
I just want to know it, if I can afford the journey^^

Will you do a contest for free tickets?

if this token can quickly develop, I will continue to follow the guidelines from you and will ask until I really understand about your token

this was a test token which resulted in people buying it because i forgot to remove it from the dex. shame on me. All people involved have been reimbursed. See

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