Introducing PORT - Proof of Referral Tokens

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PORT - Proof Of Referral Tokens - is now launched!

What is PORT?

As the name says, Proof Of Referrals Tokens, whenever you sign up to any of the current dApps referral programs through the PORT referral link , you'll receive 50 PORT tokens sent to your Steem-engine account. The current dApps we support are , @steemmonster, @magicdice, Steem Ninja, @Freedomex ( soon) and @drugwars. Also to be added @Partiko, @Actifit shortly and @kryptogames.


If you already playing it why not earn more ? By having one pool of rewards around dApps with referrals, we'll be able to reward you in PORT Tokens and create value of your holdings through a 90% buy back of these tokens from our users. As a hodl'r we have plans let you stake your PORT and receive more PORT, or SBD/Steem ( more on this soon ).

We are one of the few coins that will have a built-in revenues day 1 for our PORT holders & users of the Token.

More Reasons For Port

This is just the start of dApp development on the chain. We realize a few of these games already started a bit ago, but any new ones that come online ( @nextcolony ,or Hashking?), the holders of PORT will really see the power of the coin as we leverage each user signing up for these dApps.

Not only is PORT tokens helping sign up more users for Steem based dApp referral programs we are going to actively go outside the community and get other blockchain communities to join Steem and become holders of PORT for their dApp of choice of blockchains. More exposure of the Steem community the better!

Distribution and Token Information

Maximum Supply: 10,000,000


  • 10 % given away 1 million
    ( sign ups, weekly contest)
  • 10 % to stakeholders 1 million ( devs etc)
  • 80 % for regular distribution: Minted by Portokens: 100 a day initial distribution
  • Distribution Of Supply per day: 50 100 per sign up/ 1,000 100 a day initial distribution
  • TBD: Monthly dividend x amount of PORT for being active users ( dividends in PORT )


We'll be using the ! bookeeping bought to post weekly our referal earnings from the main @portokens account.

How To Get Started Earning Port?

It is as simple as signing up to the following dApps w/ the following links:

Drug Wars

Steem Monster

Magic Dice

Epic Dice

Steem Ninja



Want To Earn More PORT?

Resteem this article and you will get 100 PORT

In addition to that, you will get 10 extra PORT for every 100 followers you have.


We are going to tokenize referral signups for Steem dApps & outside Steem.


This is an extremely innovative and interesting project! I have resteemed this post.

Thanks, @jglake will send PORT over!

Resteemed a while ago, are the tokens being sent manually? Any chance people are being missed out?

It is all done manually. I'll check and reward you as such. We've gotten most people we believe. Thanks!

Interesting project. Resteemed

Thanks, @elevator09 Tokens shall come shortly!

Thanks, @ran.koree Tokens shall come shortly!

Sounds like a cool project and thanks for the mention! We are just finishing up tests with the 2D User Interface, if anyone is interested in helping beta test you can find me in the Canna-Curate Discord Server the home of Hashkings.

@canna-curate @ghro @qwoyn

Thanks, @hashkings ! yes, looking forward to what you come up with and we can send some peeps over to help beta test :)
Get a ref. system set-up soon soon too ;-)
Sending you some PORT!

This seems really interesting and innovative, resteemed.

Thank you, @platforms will send some PORT!

Makes sense...a win win for Port owners and participants,,,kudos to the team....any extra ports for social media sharing? signed up for magic dice through your link. and resteemed

Yes, @mistakili its basically, taking what you are earning for Port Tokens and getting it back in value through a buy back , which should raise the holding of your Port, even if you are selling. I see you are on Magic Dice! Can throw in another 50 for a twitter/social media for sure :)
(post a screenshot when you do)

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@steemitqa Are you involved in this or just resteeming for the coins?

Both :)
Helping out & resteeming for coinage.
I'll hook you up with some PORT!

Thanks QA. Appreciate it.

Thanks, for the support @rishi556 !

Sent some Port! :)
edit: for the resteem PORT reward :)

Resteemed! Curious to see how many port I will receive with over 5k followers

should be a nice chunk! :)

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