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RE: Scotbot launch! Time to make your own custom token powered by proof of brain on Steem!

in #steem-engine4 years ago (edited)

This removed the need for the complicated and risky SMT plan. It's proof that SMT probably isn't the best way to go. My opinion, leave the data in the Original Steem chain vs a massive hardfork and massive risk (remember RC HF20, it sucked). Not that we shouldn't ever HF again, but we really gotta make sure we want it first, no rush. Also i'm really a fan of the RC's , as they already gave us some huge benefits and better sustainability, it was just a rough transition


remember HF20? Youre ON HF20 .... it was just the week long transition that sucked but they werent competent enough to keep steem running like normal

it was a mystery to me to know who was actually giving out the Mana and why some users got their mana before others LOL felt liek a team was manually going through and doing it

But i know that woulda been impossible and the hf20 mess was just because .....blockchain...replacing a moving engine...etc.... thats the excuse they will give

reality was they just didnt test it out maybe because they couldnt ... but they could...if they spent some money they could be using golos as a test net but that goes against their code of ethics .... we should use golso as our experiment and its not too late for Ned to buy up all of Golos for SO cheap

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