Win VITP (Vision Industry Token Pegged) on SteemMonsters tournament

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As you may know, Vision Industry Token (VIT) recently listed on Steem-Engine DEX and it can be traded as a pegged token (VITP) there now.

As VIT Media Team, we decided to celebrate this important step with our fellow splinterlanders and have created a tournament to giveaway 9920 VITP as rewards in total.

The winner will be rewarded with 2000 VITP. The second place will get 1000 VITP and the third place will get 500 VITP. Also 4-32 place will get 100 VITP each, 33-64 place will get 50 VITP each and 65-128 place will get 30 VITP each.

Please note: Rewards will be sent to the winners' Steem-Engine wallets manualy after tournement, so the transfers can take 1-3 days to be complated.

The tournament will take place on 18.09.2019 and more infos can be found here:

So what is VIT?

Vision Industry Token (VIT) is without a doubt, one of the most promising project and cryptocurrency in the adult world with its own blockchain and its own native token (VIT) at the moment. It is now tradable on Steem-Engine DEX as VITP and also tradable on as VIT/BTC and VIT/ETH pairs.

So, what exacty is it?

The VIT mainnet launched in September, 2018 and so far already around 7,4 K users have joined to our community and still everyday tens of new users are signing up to earn VIT.

While our community growing, VIT devs keep working to process of building new options for our VITizens, such as the VIT payment gateway on Red Light Center and on other affiliate sites, building a VIT Steem Tribe with Steem Engine. Also more works going on integration to make it more useful.

If you wish to signup for "FREE" VIT account and get 1500 VIT as a delegation to start earning VIT immediately, please follow this link:

How to earn more VIT?

VIT is using the same system as Steemit, so you will be rewarded by sharing posts, upvoting and commenting on our adult video platform, on our adult social sharing platform and also on which is one of the most popular adult video platform of the world. But let me just remind you "More VIT you have, more VIT you earn". :)

If you still want to learn more about VIT, please visit our official website:

To follow VIT updates, please join our social platforms:





Cool. I will checkout the tournament tomorrow.

Nice. See you there, then. :)

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