Vision Industry Token listed on Steem Engine DEX


Vision Industry Token is proud to announce that our token is now listed and available to trade on the Steem Engine decentralized exchange.

VIT is trading on Steem Engine as the VITP proxy token. VIT users can swap their VIT to VITP via the Deposit button on Steem Engine. Users can then swap back to native VIT using the withdraw button on Steem Engine.

Vision Industry Token is also in the process of building a new Steem Tribe with Steem Engine. The VIT Steem Tribe will compliment our current condenser site Touchit.Social and our tube site Touch.Tube running on the VIT mainnet.

The VIT mainnet launched in September of 2018 and we are now starting off our second year with a great exchange listing with a great Steem project. During the first year we saw over 7,300 new users join the VIT platform. Here's to a bigger and better second year.

Stay tuned for further updates regarding the VIT Steem Tribe and the VIT Payment Gateway.


i saw that VIT being added to steem engine on @Someguy123 (Privex CEO) and his privex converter weeks ago and i wondered what the heck VIT was and i just saw it added to deposits and withdraws, and now i just found out its aggroeds project and i love the logo! I like the feeling i get from this and love the idea of aggroed leading eh way showing whats possible with steem engine

Is this the same VIT token which was launched as a separate blockchain last year?

Yes, it is. VIT has its own blockchain and its own native token "VIT".

Yes, you can learn more about VIT on our main website. You can also view our block explorer here.

No idea what's this about but following ;)

Learn more on :)

I have read the VIT website at . So you guys are like STEEM? I saw the Roadmap in the site, it was like up to March 2019? Hopefully your next post will have more explanation beacause it does look interesting since I can trade your token on Steem-Engine.

You are right. Roadmap will be updated soon. Just waiting the payment gateway completed and implemented on Red Light Center as a payment option.

How does the VIT Main net work? what sort of blockchain is it? is it dpos is it based on steem? eos? custom?

VIT has its own blockchain with its own native token (VIT). It is "Proof of Brain (PoB) and Proof of View (PoV)" You can read all about VIT on:

Great news indeed. Good to see some development on the VIT

Awesome update! Let's gooooo VIT!!

Great news. Big step forward by VİT team.

So now we have VIT and dporn now where’s all the content creators?

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