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RE: Scotbot launch! Time to make your own custom token powered by proof of brain on Steem!

in #steem-enginelast year

Advertising your paid product as a "featured" post where my feed should be? Ugh.... this site is getting so ugly... :/


What interface are you using? Steemit?

you know you can close it right? It can be difficult to see in nightmode.



Mind if I put some of my products and links up in front of everything you're trying to do? Just a popup every few hours that you can easily click to get rid of. Would you be okay with that? What if a few other people want to do that to you, too, are you still okay with it? Of course not. So what makes it okay for someone to do that to me? :)


if it sucks we will downvote it.

we apparently like this.

i find it interesting.

Yeah, that makes sense. Downvote featured stuff that sucks. I'd rather not have to do that, but that's the best option now.
And yeah, mute is a great feature, I recommend it! The other person isnt notified you muted them (but they can find out certain ways). It does no harm. Just stops you from having to see their stuff anymore. I find it makes my experience here better because there are a number of people I can't stand.
That said, mute doesn't work on featured posts. If someone you have muted gets featured, you have to see it front and center when you use the site.

I'm seeing everything you are seeing. Yeah, I am pretty okay with it. If I were not or when I don't want to see it, I use instead.

It just a featured post by the company that owns this front end. :)

you can always unfollow .. i heard you can hide folks, but i haven't tried.

I’m so sorry about the way you’ve been treated :*( this all must be really difficult for you

You've got DRAMA. You are going to be a Whale!

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I Think Dramatoken is Cool but I have yet to get my FIRST Token. !dramatoken
Maybe one will show Up in my Account in Steem Engine.......

Well surely you can be more dramatic in your request

Whenever there is Drama a BEER token may help to have everybody smiling.


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Hey @dramatoken, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

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