Steem-Engine Welcomes Crypto Peso, the first EOS Token listing!

in #steem-engine2 years ago (edited) is pleased to welcome Crypto Peso to the token listings! Steem Engine worked with @privex to create the crypto-converter, which allows other cryptos to be traded on the exchange. Most recently we added EOS to the exchange, and EOS comes with their own token economy. Today marks the first day we're taking a token organic to the EOS blockchain and trading it on the Steem-engine website!

This is a big deal! It's the start of the next stage of evolution for Steem-Engine. Not only are we trading tokens created in the Steem Ecosystem, but through crypto-converter which can handle cryptos and associated token systems we can now truly branch out between all of the various platforms. By the end of 2020 we hope to be trading ETH, Tron, and BTS along with EOS and Steem, but not just the cryptos. We'll trade their whole token ecosystem as well!!!! Thanks to Crypto Peso we're happy to get started on that journey!

Crypto Peso

Crypto Peso presents a plan for a modern economy in Venezuela and Latin America.

In many Latin American countries, the local financial system has failed to be at the service of the general public. There is a great lack of access to modern banking services and opportunities for normal people. The failed fiat economies are loosing value due to incapable governments and institutions, proving they can't handle the main basis of the role of fiat: the trust in their work.

In cases like Venezuela it is especially tangible. The military regimen has lost the local and international trust, due to proved corruption, violence and censorship. The Bolivar suffers the worst hyperinflation in history and it is more expensive to print than what it's worth. Now people have literally nothing more to loose than to try something new, and it's an opportunity for the Crypto Peso and blockchain to demonstrate solutions.

Today in Venezuela, a token on a blockchain has effectively more benefits than local old systems. Fiat-based economies can be censored, can be corrupted and not prepared for a global inter-connected community as today we have on the internet. The Crypto Peso (PSO), a token on the EOS public mainnet is meant to be a tool that can surpass the value of the Bolivar, and become a more effective unit of exchange and store of value for Venezuelans.

The main requirement for the PSO is to offer full accesability for people to join, with a potential size and engegament of a whole country's market and beyond. To achieve mass adoption and therefore full potentital of its market value, the token ensures transaction fees. The minimal barrier to enter in this economy has been the goal since its recent Aidrop. There is no cost for transacctions using the Crypto Peso, and to send and recieve money is as easy as sending an SMS.

It is currently empowering social programs like FamilyEOS, where families in Venezuela are using Crypto Peso as main source of income through donations. Also thought to be the motor of a new entreprenuerial generation, the PSO is being distributed and used on, promoted among merchants, shops and professionals as means of payment.

For more on this, please visit

How to deposit or withdraw?

Click wallet, click deposit/withdrawal, select Crypto Peso, BOOM!



This is a great development that will hopefully bring many more people to know about the amazing things happening on Steem and also help Venezuelans.
Cross token compatibility is key to crypto adoption.

We're glad to have helped Steem Engine in becoming one of the best platforms currently on Steem :)

Our Crypto Token Converter is open source and available on Github if anyone would like to run it themselves, or help with development / documentation :)

Thank you so much for doing the ground breaking work that no one has done before, to bridge an eosio and steem token !

I am very glad that I saw the EOS-EX service you and aggroed offered and that I brought Cryptopeso from @eosvenezuela as they can confirm to everyone here, AND after taking advantage of this new service you offered, I was then able to get to buy in after showing them the success PSO had being listed to Steem-engine using your EOS-Ex service...., ANOX team even did a Palnet radio show (which I wasnt allowed to be there for) AND soon Pixeos , and just want people like @discordiant see that I'm actively bringing communities to steem/palnet/steem-engine :)

This is a huge step to be bringing EOS based tokens to steem-engine. It helps pave the way to the 2020 goal and PESO is also a great initiative to help those in countries like Venezuela and such who can help the general public to better sustain themselves.

I put the little SBD I had to steem, bought 21 PESO yay! I am a part of the revolution. :D

Thank you! and guess what? because you bought early, I am rewarding you with Bonus, just promise me you will hodl it ok? heres 20 more PSO for you a 100% BONUS to DOUBLE your holdings
I used keychain to send them , a chrome/brave/firefox extension by Top ranked witness @yabapmatt but you can also send these PSOp tokens inside here
I also sent you 1 PSOp via Steem engine web wallet to show it is possible on mobile with steemconnect without using the keychain chrome/brave/foirefox extension, you can just use steemconnect and active key

Oh wow, just checked and I got it, thanks! I am hodling and working up a bunch more tokens as well. Steem-Engine is growing so quickly and everything will keep going up over time. PSOP is one that will as well or I hope so and I hope it helps those needing it!

Want to help me and @cryptopeso official? We need to spread PSO as much as possible, i have 500K, i will give you a thousand if you go promote PSo with a nice steem post! :) come to me at ok? :D lets do some serious projects to promote this great token, the gusy who run it are tired in a country thats been beaten down so long, lets give them a big suprise! we can buy PSo on steem engine and then, push price up with soem steem, allow newdex peopel to come arbitrage!


lets pump it man! It will help so many venezuelans! And then make videos getting pso popular on youtube. Im working on a way to allow @eosvenezuela to distribute at least 1 PSo to every venezuelan or keep it for them to redeem with ID or in person etc :D

@aggroed this is so Very Exciting for all of Humanity. We don't Need no Stinking Central Bankers.........

yeah man i was the one who lobbied to first get these EOSIo coins added to steem engine after i saw the service by aggroed and someguy123 to add EOSIo tokens to steem engine and vica versa

so look at how I started making posts about PSO, you can see when i discovered the service, i kept talking about it then you can see when i started showing off the new steem engine additions of PSO and ANX (and soon pixeos ! )

check out all my posts about ANX does a great job of filtering posts about these two projects so you can see how I was the one who lobbied to get them added, just wanna make sure i get some credit here, eosvenezuela and anox will confirm I was the lobbyist who got them into and if anyone wants to help me get an ESIo token listed contact me i can help you with a strategy I discovered that you might have a better chance with... my goal is to get all the major EOSIo tokens on steem engine and market maker bots to provide liquidity... PEOS is my next target and we need to show PEOS team there will be demand for PEOS... especially as its a privacy token, and altho it may not preserve its privacy feature as a pegged asset in steem engine, we COULD think about anonymous steem based tokens...

Keep up the momentum!

You have DRAMA!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

Nice Steem blockchain is going to be so epic!

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Does that mean that cryptopesa can now be earned on an interface like tokenbb or palnet?

It will when we get them to pay for 3000 ENG to enable staking SCOt and nitrous and then fill up a pool with PSO but i am on it! :) Expect this for @peos @challangedack @anoxfund / @anoxio all of them! I (its @ackza) got 4 eosio tokens on here so far man i got PSO and ANX to come to aggroed then I PAID for Challangedac and got 2M CHl for it and i PAID for PEOS with 3 others including @surfyogi and now im getting TELOS once @privex adds the Python library i sent @someguy123

yes sorry RC mana ran out :D I need to tell you how its 1000 ENG or around $150 now to add any EOS token and when i get TELOS added we can add telos tokens

telos has 0% inflation up to 30% APR for its RX and free account pool for 1 M accounts, its everything steem needs to be in terms of governance so im bringing them in!

Why do you want to trade all tokens? Isn't the point of steem engine to get a market for steem tokens?

The short answer is: Volume.

Steem Engine uses steem as the base currency! That's the BIG deal here. Everything trades directly for steem. steem, IS the market. I think this could seriously be the biggest thing for steem.

By base currency do you mean the main trading pair, or is it something else?

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Yes that's what I mean. Also I think it will directly help increase the market for steem.

SE also helps complete the steem ecosystem as you don't need to leave the "steem-eco" to trade or purchase BTC etc anymore. Altho the 1% deposit and 1% withdrawal will need to be reduced as SE gets it self established.

hey speaking of bitcoin, imagien if we could let people convert steem to BTC automatically so peopel could feel they are being paid with BTC?

i just did a post about it and how could have a feature like @likwid but for steemians to get BTC payouts instead of steem and SP... even if they take a hefty cut some people would rather take $10 in BTC than $20 in steem any day

Wow, nice idea.
I know a lot of people who would be more interested in steem if it could pay in BTC more or less directly.

Steem-Engine IS the biggest thing for steem so we all need to help fortify it with new ideas to keep it as decentralzied as possible\

ENg proposal system for one... SPS for steem engine and Witnesses, votingf or tokens, we can actually re define the exchange business.... steem on newdex will need scatter, also we should ditch keychain it did a great job but even @yabapmatt admits he has no time for it and maybe he can help with my github issue of adding steem to scatter, we need to fork scatter, add steem, and ask @nsjames and rami to go approve it, because hey scatter is for EOSIo and added BTC ETH and TRX steem should be next.

I wish i wasnt the only guy here who wants to do these things like adding steem to scatter or making @palnet into an EOSIO token like I DID with my SAND token and make it EOS, lol, like, i guess most steem devs feel beaten up lol

If I am understanding the situation correctly, it will be up to individuals to arbitrage the value differences between the steem-engine PSO market and whatever PSO market already exists on EOS.

Is there a 1% steem-engine transaction fee on deposits and withdrawals for PSO?

I would like to see SNAX on the steem-engine.

And it is done

EOS next?!

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EOS is already supported, we added support for that first, and now we've starting onboarding tokens from the EOS network :)

The pegged tokens supported at the moment include:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • EOS
  • (EOS Token) Crypto Peso (PSO)
  • STEEM (note: the STEEM deposits on are not handled by Privex's open source system at the moment, but we do have support for it in the open source version on our Github)

Ok... I see it now... 🤣 too many tokens! it's called EOSPeg right? I am guessing we should do something about the name... making the "peg" thing... visible is confusing.

no no no its fine man, it is not EOS it is a PEG of EOS backed by real EOS you can withdraw for 1% so the real issue is just providing liquidity which can be done with market making bots and I know @inertia bragged about using one on his banjo market so I know they exist

The problem of "too many coins" wont be a problem if the top coins on steem engine had appropriate volume to reflect their importance on bigger markets... eos and bitcoin should have a lot more people trading BUT unless we had ENG staking give access to maybe half off the 1% withdraw fee, so that it was maybe 0.5% or even Free with a lifetime membership, maybe people would be incentivized to use steemengine to trade BTC... but there need sto be a STABLE coin on steem engine hah one that works well... and not just SBD :D

Hummm I like that =)

EOS is alredy listed

Great... I didn't bother checking. yep now I see it... Awesome! Will try it.

I believe EOS is already on there.

There are a number of pegged coins on there at the moment
Bitcoin Cash (YUCK lol)

Check my comments to @privex.

Hi, @aggroed!

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No entendí mucho este Crypto Peso, la verdad. ¿Qué es lo que aporta que no aporte cualquier otra criptomoneda? ¿Qué es lo que hace que sea de interés particularmente para latinoamérica?

Es interesante y válida tu pregunta. La verdad es que estamos contruyendo al PSO y su ecosistema totalmente desde cero. Esto significa que poco a poco hemos ido dándole utilidad, por ejemplo, primero lo usamos una segunda capa de seguridad en un proyecto humanitario que hicimos en Venezuela llamado FamilyEOS, más de 400 personas usaron el PSO. Pronto iniciamos la segunda fase que consiste en becas educativas.

Lo segundo, es que creamos un sitio web llamado Cryptolocal, en el cual tratamos de conectar personas que quieran pagar bienes y servicios a cambio de crypto con los comerciantes que estén dispuestos a aceptar crypto, entre las monedas a usar en la plataforma se encuentra el PSO.

Estamos trabajando en una plataforma de envío de remesas para venezolanos usando el PSO, una billetera y la integración con otros servicios interesantes.

SI estás interesado en seguir discutiendo sobre el PSO o te gustaría aportar ideas, te esperamos:

Awesome news! all the support to this venezuelan project.

hey lets do some big projects! Youtube english language videos to promote PSo as a charity for venezuelans who give you a piece of their new economy!\

Im on PSo richlist and i feel like im a future hacienda owner :D