Steem Engine Node issues (solved 20 seconds after posting). Products plans, and Tribe Prices (not changing, just re-reporting)

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Steem Engine is having a technical glitch. Looking into it. It's a blockchain. Everything is tracked. Your funds are safe. Please give us a bit to diagnose and get going again (I think we just have to kick the node). Kicked the node. It's back. Someone was spamming the server and slowing it down.

On another note we're getting closer on the P2P network. This downtime may end up even catalyzing it's implementation. We'll see. The P2P network among other things would allow multiple nodes to be running simultaneously and websites will be able to rotate nodes if any one is down. So, unless it's a system wide crash, things like an individual node going offline won't stop the server system.

Marketplaces and dev free forms for product listings

Working on the first easy to use, harm free, no code, vegan, gender non-binary, boomer friendly, fair trade, machine washable forms to start adding nft based products for sale on Steem Engine. If it works then someone that reads and is familiar with their own products and images should be able to make a product listing in about 1-2 minutes and have it show up with the right descriptions and images on their own listing page and in the product catalog. Exciting stuff!

NFTS can be literally anything. I'm going to focus on getting 3 major catagories: labor/services, digital products, and physical products. Then I'll start working on templates that people can use to list forms in a common format in the catalog. Then they'll show up on your page specifically and in the market catalog in general.

I want you to trade anything. We gotta make it easy, which is what the forms address. We have to help you grow, which is what the tribes can address.

Cause the way this is heading you're going to be able to accept your own token that you handed out on your website to allow the purchase of goods and services that you offer. It's a nice closed loop where you pay people micropayments to blog about your service, they buy your product/service, and they share it so that you get more customers.

Tribe price reminder

As Steem prices are picking up so is interest in forming a tribe. The costs are the same.

100 eng to make a token
1000 eng to make it stakable
1000 eng to run scotbot

1000 eng for any of the front facing websites.

We do still technically have the requirement that you're staking eng for each active account holding non-dust thresholds of your token, but we're not enforcing it just yet, but that is on the agenda for 2020.

If you notice though there's a few thousand ENG for sale on the market at like 0.4-0.6. The next person that makes a tribe is getting a 50% discount on something that's already remarkably inexpensive for what it can offer.

Here's a sense of how the shopper, the store, and social media can all play together. You may not know this, but getting stuff in your store or having labor to sell isn't really the hardest part. The hardest part is getting enough customers and attention. This is a way to wrap it all together.

If you're a bull

If you're a bull for crypto with the halvening coming up then it's time to get in front of it. Get your Tribe operational. Give us a little bit to get the market fully functional, but then get some products listed, and try to get everything you need sorted before May rather than trying to start in May when everyone and their mother is hyping crypto. In a bull market our prices get a lot more expensive, and our ability to devote time to any one individual shrinks.

Let's start the conversation.


One think that I'm struggling with... Can we see on the steem-engine wallet page also the tokens that are listed in the market? For example, if I list every ABC token that I own, the wallet displays 0, but in fact I still own them, just that are listed on the market. Currently, it's very difficult to track open orders, as the tokens are mixed with all the dust (tokens owned in the past, but not anymore - by the way, can we remove those one from the wallet?)

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The supply of Eng is exceeding the demand, I look forward to seeing if there are any further offers available for tribe owners. Initially there was a rush to create tokens and naturally most are garbage. The creators were looking for immediate gains without offering any substance. Will the creation of Eng continue to outpace the demand? Highly likely unless people decide to create more worthless tokens in celebration of the halvening as suggested in this post.

Hace you consulted with some of the more "successful" tribes to see if they have any demands for services that aren't being met? There is profit out there servicing the good instead of attracting more useless community tags and worthless tokens.

I think you're missing the "sell anything" marketplace vision.

Step 1. steem engine tokens like erc20s
Step 2. tie steem engine tokens into a steem like function
step 3. build nft backbone
step 4. create a marketplace for nfts that allow people to use their own tribe tokens as payment
step 5. continue to develop easy methods for people to list goods and services for sale in an inexpensive environment that utilitizes crypto and fiat for fast easy payment, simple listing, and a low cost fee structure. use the tribes to help create and develop your customer base and community.

we're on Step 4.

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always thanks for SE teams efforts to find and solving the issues ! 💙

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