Steem-Engine hardfork successful. Staking enabled (on the backend)!

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Hey Steemians. I'm happy to announce two key updates.

Hardfork SUCCESS!!

The hardfork was successful! Earlier today @harpagon got a second node up and running that's on the most recent hardfork. He switched over from the previous to the new node at 8pm after observing it working properly for several hours.

One of the new parts of this is that contract changes can now be made without altering the hashes of all of the previous blocks. This was a necessary step at the beginning to get us going, but now it's unnecessary and has been updated.


The staking mechanism has been added through a contract update that was published to the Steem blockchain. Yes, the smart contracts - the actual code - are published via posts on the Steem blockchain!

Here's the updated tokens contract code that includes staking:

It's live as of right now!

Where's that leave Scotbot?

We're not quite done with the front end side of things. As of tonight all of the backed is functional for the node, and all of our first run through of Scotbot looks complete and good to go!

So, at this point we are waiting on just a little more back and forth and another couple of tests between holger80 with scotbot and beggars with site automation.

We need another little bit, but I expect that we'll be up and running with scotbot sometime this week.

Steem on!

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If anyone else is curious about the contract code, here it is after being decoded from base64 - great work guys :)

Steem is lucky to have you Aggroed. That you for all that you do.

Can't wait to stake, take my money!

Прекрасная новость. Приятно видеть как вы ПОСТОЯННО улучшаете наш блокчейн. Недавно меня забанили на обном чате, когда я пытался объяснить, что Вы смогли объединить технологию блокчейна и смарт-контрактов. Меня обвинили во лжи и сказали, что это невозможно. Я рад, что Вы делаете невозможное.
Great news. It's nice to see you CONSTANTLY improve our blockchain. Recently, I was banned from a general chat when I tried to explain that you were able to combine the technology of blockchain and smart contracts. I was accused of lying and said it was impossible. I am glad that you are doing the impossible.

Good job good people! It's really awesome watching the future unfold with a front row seat ✊💖 Steem on!

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Great work, awesome people <3 !!!

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Thanks for all you are doing @aggroed Yaba and @harpagon !

Great Scot! Lol couldn’t help myself feeling a bit Scottish about this update! Well done

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So much good news about Steem, yet the price still keeps falling.

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Congrats on the successful fork..Full steem ahead!

Cool Staking ! This is great news

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Good news!
When you say staking, does it mean we can start to stake our tokens available on the @steem-engine platform?
I must commend you @Aggroed and the entire team for this revolution you're bringing to the Steem blockchain.