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A few years ago before I was even a witness (or just starting) I realized distribution was broken and the solution I thought of at the time wasn't "steem sucks fuck this" but "I'm gonna make my own steem with hookers and blackjack." So, I asked around for who could do something like make a fork of steem and get it running. People pointed me to Jesta. So, as a fairly unknown newb on the platform I start messaging him to see if he could help me setup memethenews as a fork of steem.

Jesta politely blew me off. I don't blame him. If me 2 years ago came knocking I'd probably blow me off too (though, not the Jerry way). I mean, looking at it from his perspective the liklihood that a fairly brand new user and non-dev without much stake was gonna make shit happen seemed pretty low at the time. I also didn't have much money for stuff like this, so I didn't even have a good financial solution to offer.

Anyway, I had to look elsewhere. The dude I found was modprobe. He was one of the original coders of the steem blockchain and later went to work on EOS with the Dan migration. So, we took a few weeks and I paid around $1000 in bitcoin to make a fork of steem that I could launch. We completed it and I was gearing up to do this when Ned strolls into Steemspeak and says "I'm gonna tell you all about Smart Media Tokens."

It sounded like it was a neat idea and wouldn't take forever to complete so I said goodbye to memethenews and $1000 I just spent on it, and said "ok, I'll just wait for SMTs."

Bear market

When the bear market hit Steemit started scaling back on employees and scope of work. SMTs went from front and center, to maybe we'll just get the lite version out, to SMTs are on hiatus until after MIRA.

When that happened Matt and I realized that the ecosystem needed Steem-Engine and we shouldn't just wait. Since Harpagon already had the layer 2 solution started we could get it going quickly. Asgarth pitched in and helped up get the (d)ex coded up and was born.

Custom Steem

Matt realized that we could get the functionality of SMTs done on the smart contract layer and worked out a lot of details with holger who coded scotbot. Now without leaving steem you can create your own version of steem, but still take advantage of the existing community and tooling that exists.

The dream

Anyway, I'm trying to give perspective on the dream here that we're building through Steem Engine and custom tokens and websites. Steem has some fundamental distribution issues that I can't fix. The underlying tech is awesome though and if everyone is empowered to make their own token and have it distribute like Steem it's a thing of beauty. That's what we've been working on and just had our major break through with Scotbot and Nitrous as demonstrated in the first custom instance of Weedcash.

Get your own Scot, run it with Scotbot, and fuel it with some Nitrous! When the dust settles and people are making money through ads and promotion into the ecosystem the whole ecosystem can explode.

That means more players for the games we build, more people holding the tokens, more people offering services, more devs building tools, and a nice revival of our ecosystem. If this coincides with a bull market hang onto your hats. It's gonna get interesting. I like to think I'm at the vanguard of this ecosystem, and from what I'm seeing I'm pretty stoked even if there is a divergence in price from future activity for now I don't think it will last too much longer.

When it's all working...

You'll create your token, distribute it with scotbot (or a smart contract version), and run it with Nitrous. You'll launch an ICO on Steem-Engine through our version of Kickstarter for ICOs, and you'll get some money to attract new users. You'll put ad space up for sale on an ad portal we operate to run ads on your Nitrous instance. Now you're making money to lambo-up and also spend some to burn tokens to elevate the token price for the whole community.

Should be fun!


To succeed big time you have to have the vision and do the work to position yourself to catch the wave.
I think you've done this with Steem Engine, SCOT and Steem Monsters.
It is starting to looking like I might have done so with the Crypto Lawsuit against Facebook and Google.
Now everyone from the New York Times to Trump & Ted Cruz are talking about how to deal with Facebook's abuse of it almost absolute power.
I hope I have done the work as well as you seem to have.

I don't understand the motive to have a completely different condenser with only your community on it.

I always envisioned SMTs (or whatever) as having a semi-private sub-group within the STEEM blockchain. So if I had a group about, say, SplinterLands then I could participate in that group but also get exposure to everything else in STEEM if I wanted.

Filters can work more than one way. Many want this to be just their community and skip over parts of the general community that don’t seem like great community actors.

The waite for SMTs was torturous for those who wanted to build their community and businesses on steem. Steem, as we all know, is best platform in crypto space where real users hang out, discuss, and criticize. This is perfect place.

And now with the introduction of steem-engine - the ecosystem is going to explode. And if and when SMTs come -there is already an ecosystem ready to migrate.

Hello Summer Santa @aggroed in Steemit! :D Keep your chin up! Go for it~

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you are the real hero of steemit keep doing tremendous work... we will soon pickup the bull market

Already We Together Achieved ! :) ♥♩♬♬

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Saya sangat suka postingan anda

I very much like your posts is what this means.. It's good to speak a few languages lol

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Is there a chance for memethenews to get back live online with SCOT? It'll probably interested.

In life never wait and build your vision and see what happen. :)

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Seriously, if you always put limits on what you can do, physical or anything else; it'll spread over into the rest of your life. It'll spread into your work, into your morality, into your entire being... There are NO limits, STEEM has no limits. We steemians must go beyond any limit.

You guys are definitely innovating and that's really good to see. I'm still not sure if "soft consensus" is the way to go as there is still significant counter-party risk. You guys would certainly be capable of rolling this into a pull request with other witness support and actually make it part of the blockchain itself instead of using custom json everywhere....

That said, a good way to go for you would be to either open-source your weedcash version of condenser so that others can more easily follow your lead - OR enhance it so that it can be configured for multiple different tokens as per user preference.

I am involved in one strong community that is seriously looking at what you are doing but I think the barrier to entry / learning curve is still a bit high for them to do it without extensive developer support.

Woops. I didn't see the post about Nitrous. I'll keep reading :)

Well, keep in mind that there's benefit's to steem-engine not being based on steem too. We're able to fork our code without a need for a hardfork. We can also do things faster cause it's all through js/jsnode rather than C++.

I understand it would be more convenient if it was cheaper, but we need partnership goes both way. We need funding to continue developing. These things take devs and servers.

Maybe someone else will figure out how to do what we're doing cheaper... I doubt they'll figure it out, and I doubt it'll be cheaper. I did some back of the envelope math and we're 75% cheaper than running your own fork of steem because of witness payouts you'd have to do. So, I don't feel that bad.

If you're stuck on technical questions message me in Discord and I'm happy to try to help you get it right.