Hard Fork Announcement for Steem-Engine: delegation and decimal precision going live on tuesday at 8pm

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Hello lovely people. I'm happy to report that we're taking the current hardfork running on the test servers live this coming Tuesday at 8pm eastern. If you're running tools you'll want to upgrade around that time. There's a small chance for an outage then too. It didn't happen before, but there's always concerns around hardfork time. If you get an error please don't freak out. Give it a few hours, take a walk, everything's on a blockchain and it'll all be ok.

What's included

Two nice upgrades to the system are on this hardfork: delegation and 1 way changes to decimal precision.

delegation: this is going to work similar to steem. You can take your current scot power and delegate it to a different account. It won't be able to handle upvote and downvote pools separately, but that's something that we are looking at.

decimal precision: we're allowing changes to a token contract to include an increase in decimal precision. This is one way, so if you increase the number you can never decrease the number. Decimal precision .means are you trading 1.0002 or 1.00 or 1.00000002 of a token.

A little personal message

I'm getting some messages like: Hey, here's a community idea will you build it or make it free or discount it for me? My short answer is no. I can't be the backstop of every community in this place. The effort it takes you to raise a few hundred to make the tokens is actually a decent test to see if you have the chops for this anyway. Lastly, I'm pulled in enough directions that I can't take the lead on your (insert topic of interest from the internet) community as well.

We're automating it all for a few reasons: it's inexpensive and the ownership lives on the decentralized communities doing it. When steps and process are well documented and public it means that ownership and use can be spread to everyone. When it's back deals and secret meetings with me it's a shithole of corruption. Same price for everyone. Same deal for everyone. You're a lovely and precious human that's unique and wonderful. Just like the person next to you! If you have an existing community with lots of people that may be different...

There's lots of docs for scotbot in the discord group. Please read through them. If you don't understand them consider finding partners to work with you. I can tell you running community projects is no joke for time.

As for cost you may have a variety of judgements about what we charge. I'll tell you my judgement of our costs. What we charge is dirt cheap. If you'd like your own custom website with your own community token there's no where else to go so I could be gouging for this, but instead it's a few hundred bucks to setup and it's pretty close to free to run everything (staking is staking. Your value isn't withdrawn!) The value produced for these things seems pretty massive. PALnet, SCT, and JJM have marketcaps over $1M. Sure marketcap is sorta a bullshit metric, but it gives you some idea of the delta between the cost to create (thousand) and the value of the tokeneconomics (million). If you still think it's high you don't get the math...

Steem-engine continues to grow

As you can see we have a lot of code, a lot of projects, new abilities, and new money coming in. The state of the exchange is great and we're happy to have you on board. If you're thinking of setting up your own community or business token please buzz me, and may the eternal blockchain in the sky upvote all of our projects.



Thank you for keeping PALs posted.

You shoot straight and tell it like it is......appreciate it loads!


Appreciate the fast advances.

It won't be able to handle upvote and downvote pools separately, but that's something that we are looking at.

Could you clarify this a bit? Is there a seperate downvote pool for scot tokens that I wasn't aware of?

It's always been fun seeing you guys rolling out new stuffs! Thanks for your efforts and creativity!

Seing several zero pal on articles freaks me out. We are going to really enjoy this update

" This is one way, so if you increase the number you can never decrease the number "

Quite interesting

At least we get decimal precisions now :)

Also you guys are doing a really great job, keep up the good work, and I hope we get the Shared Delegtion aswell for upvote and downvote pools.

Very cool update for sure. thanks for the work you are doing adding so much to all these groups

Thank you for the update and also thank you for all that you do it is appreciated.

As always, steemdevs rocks! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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Miner's unstake cancellation will included in this update ?

I'm so ignorant that I don't even know that steem-engine had its own blockchain... or didn't I understand anything at all, @aggroed? LOL

I can't wait to be able to delegate some PAL to @dustbunny, a very nice bot (created and maintained by @fraenk), so that he can fluff some dust even on palnet posts.

Cheers and !BEER token!

To view or trade BEER go to steem-engine.com.

Hey @aggroed, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Excellent! Thanks for the good work, including palnet.io !

Basically, we are going to be able to delegate the PAL token and have the decimal after?

yep, but not just for pal

I want to say that I have the gratitude about what you bring here.

Great feedback. Someday I want to do a comedy community thing and knowing the bones are there really helps me with direction

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Great news. I do not want to cheat, but it seems to me that the Steene-Engine is able to repeat the success of Binance.

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