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The aim of Steem Dublin is to promote Steemit. We achieve this by supporting Irish authors and artists who wish to get established here, or even just started. The account is already following 37 people, all of whom are based in Ireland and as part of our commitment to promote Steemit we will be producing regular promotional updates and supporting content produced in Ireland. We also run meetups in Dublin if your interested in meeting some Steemians face to face.

This post is the first in a series of regular updates where we will promote challenges, tags and initiatives that are being run by authors based in Ireland. We will also keep you updated of upcoming meetups.
If your based in Ireland and wish to be included in the next roundup please contact me on or discord @eroche, or leave a message on this post.


Image Source @demotruk

The first post I wish to callout from earlier this week is @demotruk s post about his new car and marketing drive (pun intended) for Steemit.
How I Made Enough Money with Steem to Buy A New Nissan Leaf


Photo Challenge

Image Source @duvalinpapi

@Rickyjrx has been running a photo challenge for the past 5 weeks. There are several photo challenges on Steemit but this one is new and has been getting some great entries. I find these challenges a great way to get inspiration for posts. There is also a weekly prize which makes this one attractive.

  • The tag to find these posts is "#rickysphotochallenge"

Culture Vulture

Image Source @livinguktaiwan

I have been running a monthly Culture Vulture Challenge since last month, where you can feast on Culture from around the world. This is a Steemit community effort and I have been getting great help from @boxcarblue and some significant donations from other Steemit community members for the monthly prize fund.

  • The tag to find these posts is "#culturevulture"

New Tags

Image Source @paulag

@paulag has started a very important tag "#bisteemit". I will be using this tag for all my data posts from now on.
You can find out all about it in her intro post
Launch of #BISteemit tag and Community– Providing Valuable Insights Behind the Steemit Data


Image Source @votu

Every week @beanz hosts the VOTU (Voices of the Underground) podcast with @sirlunchthehost. Be sure to check this out, they have some very interesting people on each week. Their intro post can be found at Who are the VOICES of the UNDERGROUND ?

Next Meetup

There will be a meetup in Dublin on 26th of August. Hope to see you there.

Last Meetup

For some pictures from the last meetup check out

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Thanks for the mention.

Good round up by the way. It can be hard to keep track sometimes.

Brilliant. I really like this "activity summary" format. The local Steemit community is growing stronger every day.

Good work Steem Dublin! I am from up north in Donegal, and I'm glad to see you guys supporting Irish authors!


Hi @scribblingwilly thanks for stopping by.

Great initiative! I'm lucky enough to be in Ireland. I'd love to see more people in Ireland show their faces. I'm in Mayo, near Castlebar (only since recently).


Thanks @misslasvegas. The meetups are in Dublin at the moment but we might make it to places around the country at some stage.

great to see this lads im fro. dublin only joined up today ill be followong for sure !

Promoted IT... Hiii @steem-dublin.. I linke this IT .. Because my jobs a teacher IT networking in the schol from aceh.. Great post

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