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As part of Steem Docs I started to track down active developers for steem and their projects.
Here is the first version of the actual list (source):

@xerocPython, ?StreemianApril 2016
@good-karmaJS, Ionic, ?eSteemJuly 2016
@jestaPython, JS, React, Electrum, ?ChainBB, Vessel, PeerplaysDBJuly 2016
@roelandp?SteemtoolsJuly 2016
@unipsycho?AutosteemOct 2016
@shaunmza?FollowersJan 2017
@augustolJS, React, ?SteemBlogApril 2017
@sarasateJS, React, React NativeInsteem, Steem DocsApril 2017

Since the project just started this list is far from being complete. These are just the guys I know or talked to already.
If you're not on the list but should be, don't be sad, just give me your details. The same if something is wrong or missing here.

The purpose is to get an overview esp. for new developers to figure out who is working on what project and to get in contact for contribution, help or feedback.

Steem on..

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Hi, I'm an experienced web developer. Is there any project I can help with? Check my skills here


Hi @knoopx, a lot of skills ;) nice

Contact me at there is a lot going on here..


Hi am interested.

Hah, BigchainBB huh? Should I rename it? :)

@xeroc is also responsible for piston, and I imagine @furion should be added with a number of projects.

As for my projects...

- [](, [](, [](
- [chainBB](
- [Vessel](
- []( (inactive)
- [reprint]( (inactive)
- [steem-php]( (inactive)

Wow, a lot of projects
Thank you.


Haha, I was talking to someone from BigchainDB today, mixed that up I guess.
Thanks for your project list, I was too lazy to look all of them up on my own ;) Will add them..


I am working on steamql too.

Thanks to all these devs for all their hard work. Trying to support the apps as much as possible. I've been posting a lot on chainBB and just did my first auto-post on Streemian (life changing!)

Hay @sarasale,

great idea =) Would be pretty cool if you could add me with my current project called SteemJ which is a wrapper of the Steem API for Java.

I would say I am pretty skilled in Java and Javascript and also have some backgrounds for Shell scripts.

Thanks and best regards,



Sure. Will do.. Nice project.
Are you looking for contributors or co-devs? Want to add that information to the list in the future..

Feel free to contribute to Steem Docs with your experience ;)


Thank you for the feedback =).

It depends on the time I would say :) For now it would make sense for sure as there is still a lot of stuff todo. When everything is in place and only adjustments have to be made I think no co-devs are needed.

I've bookmarked the site and will try to push some stuff there.


As a hardcore Java/JavaScript guy myself, who had plans to develop my own wrapper until I found yours, I find this comment a little disheartening and makes me slightly weary because if you go under the 'proverbial bus' then there is no continuity or expertise immediately up to speed to provide continuity. And the last thing an open source project needs is then an ongoing power struggle in the event that you die a gruesome death or you simply get bored of the project and let it fester :-) If you are an old timer like me then probably you will provide stewardship of your creation for years to come as not much changes career wise once you are settled. But if you are in your 20s and single then life will offer you countless choices which can drag you away from this API.

The other point is that you won't be in a position to react fast enough to and sweeping changes to the underlying STEEM API. I have been burned by this before so I want to share the experience.
I was a Facebook app developer right at the point they opened up to developers in 2007 and at that time Facebook made huge breaking changes every few months, and many API wrappers fell by the way side because they could no keep up and react to the changes. I know because the C#.NET API I was using at the time was one of the casualties and over night all my apps broke and I had to replace so much code. I don't think I ever really recovered from it as I had a plethora of apps back then and a large user base and it was an absolute nightmare to deal with.

Please, please, I'm urging you to get others on board while there is loads of dev to do, and keep them there as co-devs going forward. Better having too many people with expertise rather than too few - and you can still lead the way. It doesn't detract in any way from your achievement by having more people on board and in fact it makes it a greater achievement and makes your project more likely to stand the test of time.

Also with more people there will probably numerous ideas that you haven't thought of, because nobody thinks of everything, and more ideas means more development to do......

I don't mean this to sound like a critical post - it's really not. Congrats for what you have put together and as a full stack Java developer I am very happy to have it - I started to look at it just last night and I expect it will do what I want to do. And indeed as I get stuck in I am sure I will volunteer myself to contribute....


Hay @jamesashton,

thank you for your fantastic comment and sorry for the late reply.

I get your arguements and to make the answer short: I totally agree.

My thoughts behind that comments were that I probably could fix/develop most of the stuff a lot faster than a new developer just because the Steem "insides" are quite complex if you haven't already spend some time with it. Beside that a lot of "hobby" coders do not care about code quality while its quite important for me. But as I said, I think your points are valid and it would great to have some skilled guys on board <3

Would be great if I see some commits from you in the future =)

Thanks again and best regards,



Nice work guys! Please reach out if you need contribution to the project.


Hay @aneilpatel and thank you for your interest! :) Actually every feedback or commit that makes the project better is welcome - Feel free to join us at github :)

Very usefull information, thank you


Thanks, I'll add him.

I am so not a developer, but the post caught my attention. I think this should be a big THANK-YOU list for some of us here who just need to know who to go love on for all the work you geniusheads are doing to make this place a great place for everyone.

Really seriously, thank you from a new guy who is amazed the more he learns about this place.

UPvoted, followed.

Thanks guys. I invested in Steem Power last year and to my surprise logged back in to see a nice increase in account value :)


Lucky you 😉

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I like it! You might want to add if they are currently looking for other developers to help with the project. Might help get more involved (if they have it open source).


Good point. I'll ask about it in the next post. Thanks..

Can I fork steemit and build my own commercial site? It has MIT licence..

I gotz da skillz in PHP and Go

Thanks for compiling this list.


Thanks, will update..

Me! I have two tools out currently: steemticker-osx ( and steem-alerts ( The former is a price ticker for the OSX toolbar that can display the price of STEEM and also display the live value of your account, and the latter is a STEEM price text alert bot. I am also currently working on a soft GUI wallet using Python. The only language that I'm truly proficient in is Python. Thanks!


Great. Will add you...
I know about the ticker already but forgot 😉

I am working on SteemEngine. Progress is slow, but steady. Uses JS, Angular. Began it last month, but only time to work part time for next few weeks. Starting July my previous commitments will be done so I will be going all in and working on it full time. Cheers! Resteemed!


Thanks. Will check it out and add to Steem Docs if approved ;)


Awesome thanks!

join us on whaleshares discord please :)


Done ;)


There is a typo in the URL.
Check the list on steem Docs. It's updated there or just remove 'big' in the url😉

I would love to join the development team. Is there a place where development discussions are happening?


Check out the #steem-dev and #steem-projects forums at ChainBB, Steem Docs and the 'dev' channel in

I have some upcoming things, looking for support ;) But there are a lot of projects going on here..


Great, i'll get in touch!

You all have done amazing projects. Well done!

Hello Steemians! I am a full stack javascript developer having three plus years of experience working with javascript apps.

I have proven skills working on different javascript frameworks including Node and Meteor based apps built on top of angular and reactjs.

I can also create hybrid and native mobile applications for Android and IOS platforms.

I am well versed with blockchain technology and can build apps and bots for STEEM wherein hypwrledger etc.

I am also writing a tutorial series on STEEM development here :

Please follow me for more posts and developer knowledge