Open Source standalone GUI for Steem escrow transactions

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Hello, friends!

Long time ago Steem gets escrow support, but until today wasn't GUI for this impressive feature.

Last week I made GUI for escrow transactions on Golos blockchain. And today I make it work for Steem blockchain!

From Russia with love! =) Thanx @testz and @arcange for the help with localization.

Link to GUI:

Link to GitHub:


  • you can send STEEM/SBD with escrow protection
  • list of escrow agents sorted by reputation
  • everybody may become an escrow agent
  • monitoring, approving and dispute of transaction in Control Panel

Sending transaction

This video show the process of sending escrow transaction:

After that you will see transaction in your wallet (

Approve transaction

After sending escrow transaction you will get link to control panel of this transaction.

Give this link to the receiver and the escrow agent. They will have to approve the deal.

If nobody approves the transaction before deadline date or disapprove deal, the funds will be returned to the sender.


If someone violates the terms of the deal, one of the party (the recipient or sender) may dispute the deal.

After that, the escrow agent will resolve dispute and decide release funds to receiver or return funds to sender.

How to become a escrow agent

Just leave the comment in this post:


Calling for volunteer translators

Today Steem/Golos escrow GUI available on English and Russian languages, if you know any language and you want escrow GUI to be available on these language, please join our translation project here:

One more time links

Link to GUI:

Link to GitHub:


Could you please add Chinese Traditional to this translation project. I can do that.Thank you!

Chinese Traditional added, invitation link for Chinese Traditional translators:

Use this link to join for Chinese Traditional

Good job man!

Hi there @xtar this is great! I would like to contribute with the Spanish translation, I sent testz a request already in Crowdin. Let me know you if you need more for this, also I'm open to any other translations to spanish you may need. I.e: I could translate this post as well if you need. Thanks for your time!

Spanish translation in Crowdin will be good) Thnx.

What a powerful key for all of us, most especially for the escrow agent!

All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Good work! You should also port your solution for voting on blockchain from Golos to Steem.

Absolutely fantastic tool. Great job, @xtar!

Awesome! Thanks for posting。

Has any javascript-savvy Steemian audited the github code?

I know @fabien tested. It's ok.

Awesome! Thanks for posting

Thank you for your work:)

This has been on my to-do list for 4 months ! Thanks so much for implementing this gui.

Great job, this is awesome! :)

Very cool,, good job @xtar


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This is what I am searching for, however, it is still not implemented in steemit.

awesome, been thinking about one too so congrats for getting it setup!

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