Public APIs back online: &

in steem-dev •  11 months ago

A couple days ago I wrote a PSA about both and being offline.

Happy to report that as of late last night, is back online on a new set of hardware, and as of an hour ago, is back as well. is catching up as we speak and the account pages once again load.

For those of you using either of these APIs - I apologize for the downtime. At this point I'm juggling so many projects it's difficult to keep on top of them all when things like this happen.

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At this point I'm juggling so many projects it's difficult to keep on top of them all when things like this happen.

Is there any way a jr. dev could jump in and help on some of these? I know it is possible to fork the repo, make changes and issue a pull request but wanted to make sure they are changes you want.


I think the only hurdle in the way of that would be giving guidance on what needs to be done and plan them out a bit. I'm hoping to hit that point soon with chainBB - but the other stuff I maintain doesn't get that luxury right now.


No problem. I would love to help with chainBB when you get to that point.

Keep me on the short list and just let me know! 👍😁

Thanks for sharing! Upvoted!

Back online is back online. I'm sure the API users appreciate your efforts.

Completely understand. Impossible to take over everything... only team effort is capable of making nicer ventures.

Thanks for grand contributions

Thanks for the update! thanks for your contributions to the platform!

Good news! Although i have only been using one instead of two. I have read ur github and i gotta say you are awesome dude! Appreciate for all these!

thank you for sharing

Good share, thank you

good work @jesta and good job a making Steemstats

Good to hear the news.

Don't worry, I know how it's like to have so much to do. And I also know you do have many things to do. I'm actually very surprised on how well you handle it all. Keep it up! :)

Very good news. I will take a look and analyze the opportunities!
Thank you!

Losing track of back-burners?

Multitasking is a myth, rapid task switching works okay but you're constantly playing catch-up. We need more brain-power...
You're rocking it, though!

I like your work's amazing. I went through most of your posts and immensely enjoyed them.


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sounds good

I think where this boos comment no value what there is a mistake be big question mark for me thanks