Let's Eat App Update - Enhanced Map Features

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Today marks a milestone in the Let's Eat Journey.

We have begun tweaks to the Android App. You can expect more regular updates adding the features that you have been requesting and improving the experience.

The Journey

It has been quite a year so far getting Let's Eat ready and launching the beta. The initial release was an MVP which helped me introduce my vision to the community and get working on some core features. I have felt this beta has been a great success, with some really positive feedback and encouragement.

Upgrades to the App

Today marks the first evolution of the front end of the Android App since launch.

The key improvement is that you can now explore any place on the map and find nearby locations. Travel the culinary world with Let's Eat!

  • This enhancement will help you find places to visit, and help you get started writing the review for places you have been.

  • We also have improvements to the List View, Bug Fixes and faster Loading of new places.

Upgrade Today!

London Demo

The following video demonstrates using the app to look around central London for places to eat.

  • The yellow markers show eateries that have not yet had a review. So many places to Explore!
  • The Maroon show places that have already been reviewed on Let's Eat. I am looking forward to my next visit to London!

Join the Let's Eat Community Today

Get Steem for posting about where you are Eating


It really couldn't be easier to start earning Steem. And look out for Let's Eat Tokens which are on the way.

Add your City to the Map

Screenshot from 2018-09-05 14-35-51.png

What we are looking for …

Rewarding Quality Contributions

We will upvote content according to two criteria

  • Originality
  • Quality

Original Content

If you copy a photo from a website, or generic undescriptive text, you are not adding much value to our platform or to the Steem Blockchain so you will not get an upvote. We want to see real experiences, crowdsourced information from real people. Snap a photo, give a short description of the atmosphere or the food.
This is all helpful value adding content. Other people can use it to decide on where to eat.

Quality of the Content

We are not looking necessarily for professional photographs or prose, but we are looking for quality. Quality is subjective but generally speaking if you make an effort at sharing your experience you will get rewarded. It is ok to post multiple reviews for a place, we see this as keeping the reviews up to date for a location, however having a coffee every day at a place will get less votes, than when you discover a hidden gem that you didn’t know was there. That is the vision at least!
Share real experiences with us

Are you Eating out this week?

Give Let's Eat a try and let us know what you think.

Download from the Play Store

Thank you for reading this. I write on Steemit about Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Travel.

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Longtime I didn't go to holiday, that's why never eat out side and post review. This week I hope can visit one coffee shop,and gonna review it.

Keep going on @letseat!

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The app looks great! Just installed it on my mobile and it looks very professional.
Will try to use it from now on.
Great work!

Interesting, though the app itself is a bit unstable yet.

Are you in discord? Please DM me with issues that you're having.

Unfortunately I have no idea how I can use DM. My app got crashed once I tried to connect via steemconnect, and after restarting the app, it worked well. I've got another crash as well, but I can't remember the scenario of it. If I meet it again, I'll update you.
Btw, I guess it'd be better if I can see the location from the map when I fill the Address of Restaurant.
Many thanks,

As I mentioned in the post I'll be focusing a bit more on the front end app, so ill be working to solve those crashes. The update will fix a few of them. Feel free to drop a comment on any of my posts. I appreciate all the input. ;)

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I am on roadtrip to Poland now and i have many places to Review but since 4 hours ago the app is always turn off. Such a pity

  ·  11 months ago (edited)

Has the update caused an issue for you? Take some photos and you will be able to add reviews later.

If you have some time I am on discord. Happy to try to sort out the issues.


Yes the issue appeared after update yesterday. Okay there, I take many photos and will add Review later.