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I am still getting the hang of Steemit and how everything works and lately I have been missing two things that I wanted to be able to see on my dashboard.

1. My Current Voting Percentage.
2. My Current Daily Vote Count.

I thought about adding it to the current condenser repo but I wasn't sure if this was a feature that the team wanted and honestly did not want to wait. Instead I just made a simple Chrome Extension that uses steem.js to get the current user page you are on and display the voting percentage as you can see below:


The plugin is just a simple function that makes an API call and then inserts the voting percentage of the user in the DOM. I had to use a setTimeout to keep the API call from happening before I had the users name. I am sure there is a better way to refactor this, but it works for now!


Doing this as a Chrome Extension made it quick and easy to test and allowed me to start using it instantly. I have not added the current daily vote count but plan to attempt that in the next few days. I would love to add it to the condenser repo (the front-end interface of if there is a desire for it and it would be approved.


You can find the repo and installation here:

The steps are pretty simple:

  • Download the repo.
  • Save a copy of the steem.min.js file in the SteemitVotingExt folder and make sure it is named steem.min.js (located here)
  • Open your Chrome Extentions by typing Chrome://extensions in your Chrome Browser.
  • Drag and drop the SteemitVotingExt folder to enable the extension.
  • Go to Steemit to view voting power percentages of yourself and other users!

Any questions, suggestions, concerns or comments just let me know! 👍

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Just got daily votes working!



Awesome, "did not want to wait. " That's smart...

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Nice! This is really cool! I am working on developing a Chrome Extension as well for Steemit! Resteemed


Awesome! What functionality are you adding?


I am looking into making something like MetaMask for Steemit!

nifty :)
I have some other ways of doing this that are a bit more tedious, good development, thanks!

Interesting! You can also see this by using your account through Busy. You already have an account there,


Nice! You are right. 😀

neat code ;) also wonder if there was one to see how much to go for rep score to level up?


Not sure. There are some REALLY solid devs here that I bet would have a better idea. I might see what I can pull up for fun! 🤔


thank you. :)

You can see it on the chainbb beta forum. Note the daily votes I think but this is very good.


Cool. Yeah, chainbb is awesome!

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