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There should be a visible bandwidth usage bar displayed on your account page along with a good description of how it works.


I agree.
Something to at least warn you are getting close to the limit would save people a lot of trouble

totally agree!!

I think that is a great idea. Maybe someone already has something like that off this platform. Or even something to describe what this means at all for technical idiots like me.

I found this post today that will give you a bunch of numbers about yourself. I asked the person to look at my profile, but when I get the answer I will need help to know what to do with it.

It looks like the post is renewed daily, so make sure you are on the current one.

So much of what happens here is unknown until you get hit by it. I upvoted everything I liked for about a day and had no idea I should limit that. Now I stay over 75% and check but in the beginning I had no idea. I see people with less than 30 reputation upvote me with less than 20% power sometimes now and try to get over there to explain it when I can.

On bandwidth remaining is listed down on the bottom left, just under your reputation.

Thank you! So helpful. Now I can watch myself sink and swim. I just added a reward with some SP and then refreshed the steemd page and there it was! Now at least I can see where I'm at.

Do you have any recommendation for where to keep that percentage? I'm at 56% now - should I try to keep it above some range?

LOL. Now just sit back and scratch your head as the number climbs and drops while your account does nothing.

You are so right about that. At least I have something to watch now and it is very entertaining! I go from -700% to +70% and back again, and all over the place!

True but I was hit with that bandwidth problem straight off coming back after a year off and steemd says I have plenty of bandwidth. Nonsensical???

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