Steem Cartoon : Landscape painting with Aurah classic feel

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In this post, I want to learn how to create the classic feel by choosing a correct color palette. I will follow one of my favorite artist who is very good in landscape painting. His name is @aurah.

The post that I refer to is here:



I choose the same location as @aurah did but with a different view.

This is my location and view:,25.5661629,3a,75y,93.97h,97.42t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sHI1JQ33VFHc7VJLahXV23Q!2e0!7i13312!8i6656



Step 1 : Creating an outline


Step 2: Color the sky.



The color palette that @aurah provides didn't have a blue color. The closer color that I can choose is blue-green. But I just stick with his color palette.

Step 3: Cloud


Again... I got to choose yellow for the cloud because there are no white 😁

Step 4: Background trees


Stem 5: Grass and basic color of the house


Step 6: Making a better texture for the road and some grass


Step 7: The house


Final drawing: I put more time into detailing especially the subject of the painting. (The house)


I hope you like the result.
Okay guys... Until next time!

See ya...
Btw... Thanks again @aurah for your great tutorial.


Great illustration of the process. Makes me, with no drawing skill at all, want to give it a try.

that was very generous of you

Wow marvellous bro .That was very surprising me !honestly i can see a lot of improvement and you did a great your style. hopefully can see another virtual plein air from you.keep it up and dont give up.👍

Thanks @aurah. Credit to your color palette. I love to do it again.

Your work is beautiful. The painting looks a lot more interesting and beautiful then the original picture.

I changed the perspective a bit

As I can remember... you've always been good at landscape paintings ;)

thanks Lin

This is really cool, thanks for walking us through that. I don't think ill be able to do the same, but i think its awesome you have such talent!

Nice man! Reminds me of some paintings I painted a while back. This kind of wants me to do another painting. Awesome post and painting!

Very good picture, it was interesting to see how you made it, i geet inspiered to start my sleeping drawing career again.

fantastic work. you have great choice to made this .love the view. thanks