Steem Cartoon : Virtual Painting (Latvia - Painting in Classic mode)

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In this virtual painting tutorial I would like to share a bit on the process that I take to complete this artwork. I try to create the classic feel and for that I have to vary the choice of my colour palette from the original colours. The following are the colours that I did from the mix of colours. This is called the colour wheel.

We start off with some rough sketch and we do a bit of homework in creating shadow from grey tone.

step 1.jpg

I then use the yellow colour as my basic colour. Whereever there is white colour in the picture it has to be turned yellow. I start with the process of forming the clouds by finding a suitable location for the composition of the cloud. It has to be an evening cloud. For the colour of the trees I will mix the green with the brown to get the right mood for this painting. To obtain the colour of the grass I will adopt more orange colour as the reflection from the sun to improve on the evening mood.

step 2.jpg

Then I will pay attention to the shape and basic colour of the house. Here I use brown, orange and some gray midnight blue to guide me on the dark areas.

step 3.jpg

The detailing process on the house that I just included is to incorporate texture on each object. The spread of brush has to be spontaneous to get the effect of a brush.

step 4.jpg

You then improve on the parts by including detailed process on the entire painting. Include shadow by using base colour midnight gray so that you can get a blend with the entire shadow from the picture as a whole.

step 5.jpg

Now we move on the final stage where I will add additional element such as the burning of rubbish to liven the spirit of the evening in this area. Presto, here we have a completed piece.

step 6.jpg

credit to @zomagic

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I love it. Another very peaceful, relaxing painting.


Thank you @thunderbirdcomic . :) glad you enjoy this scenery.

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thanks :)

great view of latvia suburban!! ..nice art aurah


Thanks bro ..experiment classic colour mode palette

berapa lama buat untuk satu work ni boh..torbaik!! :)


Ambil masa dalam 4 jam juga ni boh ..banyak habis masa kat study color jer .tak biasa lagi..anyway tq boh :)

Aduhai la @aurah cantiknya lukisan. A very beautiful drawing and informative too. Thank you for sharing your tips and wonderful drawing. I still struggling to pick the color like you did. Your color is just perfect. Can't wait to see your next landscape drawing. I have to practice more to get to this level.


Thank you @zomagic .Saya tengok you pun berbakat juga bro 👍..try setup untuk color wheels dulu.

World class coloring. :D


Thanks afique huhu belum sampai tahap world lagi..

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