Ivah looks like an interesting character, thilah. I like it that you drew her in three different setups, so I can see her in different emotions because otherwise usually I will just think a character is serious or funny or smart forever! XD  
Don't be losing motivation now, you can do it I'm sure!!!        
And I admire your word vomit ability, it is a great skill and something I need to level up lol.          

Haha thank you so much scrawly! It's always nice to read your comments~

Pffft well sometimes I have a lot of words jumbled up in my brain especially when it comes to certain drawings so honestly steemit is a pretty good place to for me to vomit them all out without real worry of clutter as compared to other platforms

You only need as many words as you need to explain what you're doing and however much is usually the right amount. Word count and conciseness only matters if it's supposed to be an essay or something ;D

Ivah has "interesting" parents then? Or you referring to all the parents in South Park who are all umm "interesting" XD

True true! I'm suddenly getting highschool flashbacks at my attempt to reach the word count minimum in essays fgfjdfk

Ahh, good point all the parents in south park are "interesting" in their own way haha

Ivah seems like a super cool character, @thilah !! Love the design of the three different outfits so much :D.......... and "phone destroyer" really cracked me up XD;;;;;

wish to see more of ivah in the future ! <3 <3 <3

Thank you so much! I hope I draw her more in the future too I have so many OCs I rarely draw art of kfgjkdfsg

MMMMMM What a cute and fun OC to draw XwX such a very cutie MMMMM nehesgegsbsbsb.

I havent played the game yettt or watch thst show ur talking about heueheu that sounds fun aaaa Iva is a pretty firey girl. I had fun drawing her heueheueue.


sees your sketch of the contest OMG THERE IS ONE, IM BL IND EJSHSGWJA

Do not worry we always word vomit stuff out to get a higher voteshsgehswbsh

Thank you Maya hehehehsdhgkjfhgkjfdgfd

Ands it's okay just take your time! There's no real rush to watch/play the things I talk about

SHHHH the duck symbol isn't very noticeable so I don't blame you for missing it fjdhkjghjk

I really like the lineart and the emphasis you add to the shadows with it! She's super cute!

Thank you so much! Drawing with thick-ish lineart is pretty fun~

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Thank you!

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wow they are so cute and awesome !

Thank you~!

I've never heard anybody use a phraze: Vomit words :D I might start to use it myself!!

I like the animation. Regular Ivah seems a little bit bored and like she would be thinking WTF?! all the time :) The coolest one is the first one! I think she is funny and nice. And she has flames in her wings so she must be my favorite!

Haha because the way I type my words is just pretty much like spewing everything at once like vomit

And ahh, thank you! In south park there are quite a few WTF moments so I could imagine her thinking that! I like the flaming wings too which is why went with that outfit in the game~