breathes in



I know I saw this on insta but thankyou so much again (thankyou for uploading in insta too I know you have tumblr but its banned here pfprspshsh)

My heart ahghhhhhh my heart Rose lookin very beautiful.

Also yess she is kind of a witch for her actor role, she is kind of a weird fashionista (her clothes changes but yknow she likes red colors)


Hopefully our friendship will not end in a few months or years or a decade or centuries.. Wait I'm dead at that point- hhhhhhh you talking about us makes me feel aaaGH dose of friendship ❤😩👏🙏I'm so glad thay I met you through discord aaaa talking to you always brightens up my day (and sorry if I dont reply if I don't get notifs too ;-;)

Sorry I wrote a long ass comments but thats just how I feel for this drawing and gift, thankyou so muchhh ❤❤❤

takes a deep breath

God dang tumblr ban kjfkfgsfgk

Shhhh Rose was already beautiful and I only merely tried to draw the beauty//no

And ohh, I see! Red is good it's the colour of blood//creepy Thilah No

Mm mm! I'm really glad I met you too fdgjhjfg I honestly didn't expect we'd chat as much as we do despite me replying late a lot of time and discord always being drunk by not notifying you RIP but when we do I have so much fun when I talk to you!!!

jsdhfjfs shhh it's okay! Comment as long as you want! Scream as much as you want! Dab as much as you want//no You're welcome again I'm glad you like the gift~ I really enjoyed drawing Rose ❤❤❤

This is so freaking cool! :-)
And Happy Birthday, @maya525! Forget SteemIt for a day and go have fun! :-D

Thank you! And ahh, Maya's bday actually already past this gift was done pretty late

Very nice @thilah ! Adorable portrait and your candy coloured palette is always such a delight to look <3 And and and you are such a lovely friend to have made such a beautiful art for maya-chan !!! Rose looks absolutely gorgeous here in your style <3 <3 <3

Thank you so much Spidey!!! I like making gift for friends when I can dsfjkdsf if only my hands wouldn't hurt up if I draw too much
Thank you again~!

Wonderfully done, thilah :D.
I like the expression of this character, Maya's character who is a rather awful individual XD. I think you illustrated her well, capturing both her hidden nature and her charm.

Thank you so much Scrawly~!!! I'm glad I was able to capture Maya's character well

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Ahh that's cute, does have a bit of "awesome and I know it" vibe XD The blue background with the rose print worked perfectly :)

Mm mm! Thank you Reeree~

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Yes yes she is! Thank Maya for making such a cute cutie

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