In which I parody Pop Team Epic

in steem-cartoon •  last year  (edited)


Do you ever just look at two of your main cast and think, "Yeah, I gotta draw that"?

Motherfucker copy.png

Yeah, I had to draw that.

Real talk though, I had NO idea what typeface the "You are Mother Fucker?" bubble was written in in the original comic, so I used a pre-installed Japanese typeface I have and just used Times New Roman for the question mark. It's accurate enough I think.

If you want to see these two in their legitimate art style, feel free to check out my comic, IPN, here!

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gawd dammit this thing again XD!!


I couldn't help it, it's so goofy and appealing! :P

Haha nailed it with the face selection. You should also enter the contest I'm doing on comics


I'll be sure to check it out! Thanks for letting me know about it! :D


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