Steem Cartoon : Let's Learn how to GIF

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If they say a picture paints a thousand words, then a GIF is like a tattoo to your memory. It gets imprinted in your mind. I find the entire process quite interesting and a breath of fresh air from the traditional drawing.

Enjoying cocoa.gif

Life's little joy to me is sipping a cup of cocoa, be it hot or cold cocoa. Hot cocoa for a cold day and a cold cocoa for a warm day.

The Process

Making of process.jpg

Making it a GIF

Gif process.jpg

It started In Photoshop with a very rough sketch of position and what kind of poses she is doing. Then I proceed to make the outline with a little more detail. This is used as my reference to paint. Next I started to paint the skin colour first, followed by the clothes, cocoa and hair.

Hair is a very interesting thing. Different hairstyle will give a complete makeover. It is always fun to play around with what style suits her the most. For this one I just wanted to make her look cute and a little matured.

After I am satisfied with it, I add the smoke on cocoa and then begin the process of making the gif. On a side note, remember to create a different layer for each parts for you to animate later.
For example : Hair layer, eyelash layer, cocoa smoke layer etc.

Making of .gif

For this gif, I used a total of 8 images to loop. Each image have a slight change to make a subtle movement. The more images you use, the smother it is.

The timeline option in Photoshop is a great way to see how your character moves.
Window > Timeline.

Do share with me if you have any hack or tips that would make my GIF better. I really hope to learn.

Your friendly GIF provider, Ellie Bong

Generally I support whichever community that is involved in supporting good content. I guess that is how we grow strong and healthy.


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did you draw different face for each of the picture? or just erased and draw on it again?


I duplicate the layer, erased and draw again :)

Thank you so much for supporting #steemitbloggers, the initiative by @jaynie. Keep up the good work. If you are able, do come join us in our community discord channel. I'm sure we would love to meet you and a bunch of other awesome steem-cartoonists there. :)

*Thought I might add a little critique if u don't mind. the GIF is really great. A slight improvement can be made with the animation spacing & timing of the hair.

Starts slow -> fast -> slow hold -> fast drop -> ease slow -> stop.

But it's just a small thing. The art is perfect!


Thanks for the invite, @zord189! I would love to meet you guys too! And Thank you for the helpful advice. I will keep in mind to use it in my gifs :D Appreciate it!


Helloooo , I would love to meet more artist friends. Could I also join your community? (;

amazing! I love it!:D


Heya @fabiyamada! 🙋 Glad u love them 😊

wow...such a nice drawing.


Thank you @vangie! :D

Good job! Thank you for these explanations :-)


Thanks Helene! 😊

Thank you so much for your support!!! 💜


Most welcome! 💜 ^_^

very useful tips..thanks!!


Ur welcome Mr @rambai! ^^

sweet. keep it up, Ellie.


Hey thanks! ;D

nicee... goodwork @elliebong


Thank you Sir! 😁


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I love your gif @elliebong.


Thanks! Happy you love them :)

I really adore your work, I love the colors you used to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere, as the gift also seemed a tenderness. Very good execution and application. In general, I go more towards traditional art or plastic arts, but as I enjoy seeing digital art I hope to learn more about this branch in the near future. I invite you to stop by my blog and follow me, so I can be in contact and help each other, I send you many hugs from Venezuela <3


Hello @winizart! Thank you for your kind words :D For me I love both traditional and digital art. You make great traditional art by the way :) Looking forward to see more from you!