[Sketch] Art trade #1 : with @platonicsironic!!

in steem-cartoon •  last year

Ive did something that I rarely done, an art trade xD

I done it with @platonicsironic and required to draw Vaati the wind mage. He looks cool so why not . So heres the result. Im sorry for missing the step by step because the lighting was so bad during the making process. I even have to wait for the sun to raise to take the photo of the finished one xD (lighting in this room is soo bad smh )


I hope you like it Ashi! Im sorry if its not like what you expect it to be.

Thanks for the Rei! Lets do it again sometimes xD

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I really like it! Especially the lines used for the expression :)


Thank youuuu @aishwarya !!! ^^

Very nice! upvoted and followed :) Maybe you'd like to participate in an art contest with a cash prize. Would love if you joined!


Ahh. Ill check it out ^^

aljglsjfsl omg I almost went to bed before seeing this AAAAAA SO GLAD I STAYED UP
It's awesome!! I really think I'm in love with your style, he looks so cool! +v+)

And hey, I feel ya on missing the step-by-step, man XD Sometimes I don't bother with it, especially if it's traditional art... but with digital art, I'm just like "well I GUESS I could be bothered to export it with some of the layers turned off LOL"

This is great, tho~✨
If you ever wanna do another art trade in the future man, hit me up XD
(Tho I guess I do have other stuff I need to work on before I do another alfjsljfdk aaaaaaaaa-)


Glad you liked it ^^. Good night !


Hahaha, good night! x)
Or... morning, or whatever time it is for you there XDDD //SHOT//


Naa. Its 3pm here x)

Upvoted your drawing and following!


Thank you! !