Road to Final of Fifa World Cup Russia 2018 with Steem Bounty

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The difficult road of the selections until the great final of Russia 2018 is already defined. The leaders of each group will measure against the second places in the round of 16, each team will look for the seventh match to lift the World Cup, and Steem-Bounty will be present with you.

So far we have achieved excellence with simplicity in this dynamic, which we carried during the World Cup, we have paid more than 250 prizes and there are still other prizes available for you. Follow us and observe the amount of prizes that steem-bounty offers you for trying to guess the result in each match of the final phase.

How To Participate and Rules

  1. The dynamics are extremely simple, go to the account of @jmhb85 and there you will find the matches available.
  2. Choose the matches and just have to predict and write the result of the game in the 90 reglamentary minutes in the comments. For example: Brazil 2-1 Mexico
  3. If a game goes to extension or penalty shots, not is considered a winner, since the prediction of the result is based on the 90 reglamentary minutes.
  4. Only one result per user is allowed.
  5. 15 minutes before each game no more predictions will be taken into account.
  6. You Follow the accounts: @steem-bounty, @knircky and @jmhb85.
  7. No votes are allowed in the comments. (this will lead to down-votes)
  8. If an abuse of the rewards system @steem-bounty is detected, the user will be sent to the blacklist and will not receive more rewards.

Rewards: Over 200 SBD

@jmhb85 was so kind an sponsor every game with 1 SBD for a total price pool of 64 SBD, since there are just that many games. @steem-bounty will add additional bounty funds of at least 150 SBD during the course of the tournament.

  1. The reward of this publication will be reflected in the comments through the @steem-bounty account.
  2. The reward will be given through votes from the creator of the reward.
  3. Some publications have extra bonuses in the award, discover them.

Are you ready to lift the cup with us?

Support our witness

Thank you very much for your attention and we hope you will vote for us as witness!
In order to do so you can go to:
And enter the "steem-bounty" account into the text field and click vote.

Or use steem-connect to vote directly for us as Steem witness!

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dear follow and upvote me

I am joining here .. @ steem-bounty is a very interesting and easy to follow application .. I'm happy to join this team .. Hopefully @ steem-bounty is growing.

Great opportunity. Thanks for arranging such a great match.

A complane to @jmhb85.
Many of predictor use the upvote by their community and get more money which does not suppot your rules.


And you gave them more money as community's upvote.
Also some one got winner by his fellows' upvote though his prediction was not correct.




I think you should have to be careful @jmhb85.


First of all thank you for your comment, but I think you are not clear with the operation of steem-bounty, because in the couple of cases that you mention I am giving a negative vote, even if 2 votes are observed, the tool when it knows that there is a negative vote of whoever offers the reward, stops rewarding that user.


wow that's great.

Wow what a nice pump in the prizes, I was lucky enough to predict some correct scores, let´s see if there are any surprises for this last phase of the @worldcup

Its a great dinamic in this world cup, is very easy.

Wow...additional fund! Thank you :)

hello sir, i want to ask how to get the prize from contest @jmhb85

are there any specific rules?

and i am right guessing sweden vs switzerland score



you just have to wait for the publication to finish.


thank you very much for the response, well i will wait

prediksi #Belgia
winner world cup rusia 2018