Lets try something new: 5% Community Reward

in steem-bounty •  5 months ago


We have received some feedback of user that they do not like the community percentage of bounties at 20%.

So effective immediately we are changing it to 5%, to see if that makes a difference.

We do not want to eliminate the community portion entirely to encourage others to participate in the curation of bounties, but want to make it is fairer to the bounty creators and less easy to abuse.

We would like to know what you think about this change, especially if you have created a few bounties in the past.

Let us know what you think!

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This is great! As someone who has used bounties since pretty much the start of the program I've voiced this concern a few times over. Never wanting to be a nag about it I've tried to deal with the nonsense directly.

Really don't like idiots showing up just in an attempt to get part of the bounty, posting a completely worthless comment, and then adding multiple upvotes from their multiple accounts. Worse they love to drop in right before payout.

At 5% it's hopefully not enough to be worth the effort to spam bounty posts. But at the same time will allow those who get multiple votes from the community to earn a little more.

Great move IMO. Thank you for your continued efforts to improve this program.

I would have set a half ground in 10%, but 5% should be a HUGE boost for your service's use.

Gets rid of the self-vote or not vote issue. I like this, now it's time to enforce a minimum. On Reddit they make fun of people writing 50 cent posts, on Steem-bounty I've seen 0.01 bounties, or less.


I can agree with a minimum but I would set the min low at 0.10 for multiple reasons such as Some likely want to test the system with a small bounty before fully using.

But then again what is it hurting if someone wants to put a 0.01 bounty on a topic.

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I would either have kept the 20% or completely deleted.


The thing is, what do we do without one? It allows bounty creators to not vote and thus not pay the bounty. I guess we could set it to 1% or distribute the bounty randomly.

Thanks for your feedback!

I think its ok to eliminate community percentage. No one should comment on a post just for community and others shouldn't vote a comment to assign him more value. They should vote because they like comment.

Its a great initiative ..@steem-bounty
20% was so huge for bounty but now 5% will be so effective..

How does steembounty work? please explain


Just click on the profile and there's a link to how it works.


Please give me the link

hola , esto es genial ! :O pero me parece sorprendente.

After reading about how steem-bounties are being abused, I think this is a great change. It gives people an incentive to comment more than just an upvote because they know there's a set amount that will be given away. However, it gives more control to the creator of the bounty so it's not just being given to people who are (potentially) scamming the system.

Have you thought about creating a blacklist for certain users that would prevent them from getting bounties even if they would otherwise win something? Maybe you could partner with Minnowbooster or @steemcleaners to get their lists.

you know what you should do.... if someone actually wants to make a meaningful comment and a chance at the bounty there should be a "fee" to comment, like 0.001Steem to comment to it would get all the spammers away.. and 0.001steem is nothing so whats the big deal!

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I like this much better!

I thought 80 / 20 was a great way to go. The creator of the bounty gets to give out the bulk amount while readers get to reward as well.

I vote for switching it back.