Final Stage of the Steem-Bounty Word Cup Contest

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The semifinals of the World Cup have already been defined and four European teams will play a place in the final, Steem-Bounty could not miss this great opportunity of the world of sports to offer you the best prizes and you can share with us the prediction of the result of each match of the semifinal, the match for third place and the long awaited final to define the great champion of the world cup.

How To Participate and Rules

1. The dynamics are extremely simple, go to the account of @jmhb85 and there you will find the matches available.

2. Choose the matchs or enter to all, just have to predict and write the result of the game in the comments. For example: France 1-3 Belgium

3. Only one result per user is allowed.

4. 15 minutes before each game no more predictions will be taken into account.

5. You Follow the accounts: @steem-bounty, @knircky and @jmhb85.

6. No votes are allowed in the comments. (this will lead to down-votes)

7. If an abuse of the rewards system @steem-bounty is detected, the user will be sent to the blacklist and will not receive more rewards. 

Rewards: Over 200 SBD

@jmhb85 was so kind an sponsor every game with 1 SBD for a total price pool of 64 SBD, since there are just that many games. @steem-bounty will add additional bounty funds of at least 150 SBD during the course of the tournament.

1. The reward of this publication will be reflected in the comments through the @steem-bounty account.

2. The reward will be given through votes from the creator of the reward.

3. Some publications have extra bonuses in the award, discover them. 

Are you ready?

Support our witness

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In order to do so you can go to:

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Oh that's cool! I'll give it a shot :-)

PS: There are some spelling mistakes in the title: Stemm-Bounty Word Cup - I guess you meant Steem-Bounty World Cup :-)

thx for the hint. Maybe i should stop doing these before going to bed!

Haha, depends on the time you're going to bed I guess...:-D

hello how are you for me going to win is france

You are right..France won

It's Frances day...


France won the game

This is an interesting idea!

Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!
Click the Image Below to see the Video!

🇭🇷 allll the way 😉

Taj sam komentar trazila. 😀

Haha jel tak 😉 ugl danas prolazimo Engleziće pa onda budemo videli kak budemo sa Francuzićima. Držimo fige 🤘

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Hai teman semua, dalam hai ini saya juga berpartisipasi untuk mengikuti sebuah komentar, dalam pertandingan terakhir saya akan mendukung Croatian akan membawa pulang piala dunia 2018.

Oh that's cool! I'll give it a shot :-)

PS: There are some spelling mistakes in the title: Stemm-Bounty Word Cup - I guess you meant Steem-Bounty World Cup :-)

I think world cup 2018..

Me too think France will win

I think it will be Belgium's cup this time.
And yes by the way please follow me @n1hal.

Belgium and England are definitely going to the world cup final but anyway lemme check out the contest...

Belgium lost semifinal

The champions France.

fantastic shot good player thanks 4 information

Your article was original and very informative for me great work

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u check my profile

I hope this time france will win beacause argentina is unqualified my favourite

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Some portion of the interest come World Cup time is the gathering stage and which groups amaze in fitting the bill for the knockout rounds.

Beneath you'll discover the gatherings spread out during the current year's competition.

I like this team too. Good luck.....
Thank you for giving this great news

I agree with that

100% chance new champion fifa2018

thanks 4 the information :)

bluengel_i_g.jpg Created by : mipha thanks :)항상 행복한 하루 보내셔용^^ 감사합니다 ^^

You speak Korean?

yeah i'm Korean :)

bluengel_i_g.jpg Created by : mipha thanks :)항상 행복한 하루 보내셔용^^ 감사합니다 ^^

i am voted steem bounty

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France is taking the cup home!

Posted using Partiko Android

France will be champion.

Belgica 2 vs Francia 0 . Croacia 1 vs Inglaterra 0 . Third place : Francia 2 vs Inglaterra 0. Final : Belgica 1 vs Croacia 0.

Your prediction is wrong

this is great, I'm already participating, my prediction is france 1-2 belgium
and England 2-0 croatia. the final would be a Belgian winner


Lets go ENGLAND! its coming home!

How to participate

Fra 1 bel 2 cro 2 eng 1

I think Belgium won the world cup

So many rules......

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France. France.

excellent contest without complications, I will miss it at the end of the world cup

Belgium and Croatia will go to #worldcup 2018 @angrytwin

France and croatia

Francia Es mi Favorito,es un juego muy complicado ,belgica a venido haciendolo bien durante todo el trayecto de esta copa del mundo, y dejado por fuera muchos favoritos francia debera ganar un tanto de 1 por 0,para ir a finales contra inglaterra saludos desde Venezuela

Belgium team win

thank you for arranging this contest , i wish i could participate and predict the right team.What would you say ????????

Croatia vs England
Is going to be 90minutes draw.

I think Croatia will win...

Yeah they will qualify but is going to be in extra to after 90 minutes 1-1draw. Is a prediction though.

Nice..your prediction was right...

Hello my beautiful friend...
The match ended 90 minutes draw and Croatia won in extra time

Hii..I saw that..really heart broken now..I really wanted England to win. :(

Oh sorry that's football for you

En cashing the world cup fever keep it up

Pls follow and vote me

wow .. your post is very good .. keep giving post that always in admire steemit friends.

I ready for it

France will win the world cup

Great i will try it .

@steem-bounty its very cool. i love this game and your contest.

I like ur blog & good going

I think Belgium it´s gonna win its first World Cup. Today beats to France 2 -0

For example: France 1-3 Belgium

Why just an example ? It will be that. Excalty :D :D :D
Or maybe 2-3.

But Belgium will win (pray for my country lol)

France won..I am so happy now..

I am sad @blog-fictions ! i am from belgium 😂😂😂😂

Don't worry..Belgium has a great team..I am sure they will win major trophies...nd I hope France too win..haha...

My prediction... Eng-0:0-CR.... Full time.


England team win

No..Croatia win..

Croatia will be the champion!

I think france

thank's for this oportunity

Fifa is also fav..

My prediction
England 2 - 1 croatia



Hello steemian friend , i am support ENGLAND 3 - 2 CROATIA

england vs kroasia football pinalti

I am prediction 3 - 1 win england

Steem-bounty worldcup English 2 vs 0 croatia

Wow, interesting
Won france to belgium by 1-0 and it happened ... Dancing..... Moon walk...

Hello,final will be Belgium and England. @steem-bounty

Belgium just lost

Yes I saw the game but good. :(

France the winners.

Can I ask something?

genial, lastima que llegue tarde

I gave you an upvote on your post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return and possible future votes


France 2 - 1 Croatia

Your post is very good;)

Reaaaaady always!

So who won this reward

the final France croatia and wins France 2 to 1