Suggest Top Tips to earn Curation Rewards & Earn Bounty

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Its been a while since I have been on Steem platform and slowly and gradually starting to understand the internal economics. Something which I would like to understand further and need to know the best practices or tips on would be Earning Curation Rewards. I have seen a lot many people over here having a high Steem Power value.


I understand that Curation Rewards can help earn Steem Power in a good way, but I need to understand- what to curate, when to curate, whom to curate, whether to upvote, whether to comment, whether to resteem etc.

Send me tips and best practices for earning high curation rewards and get rewarded in Steem Bounty, powered by @steem-bounty platform.

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There are a few things to take into account when it comes to curation:

  1. The first 0-30 minutes your curation reward is reduced from 0-100%, so generally u want to not upvote too early. This will change in HF20.
  2. The earlier you upvote the more of the curation you receive. So it is good to upvote before the whales vote for a post.
  3. overall about 25% of the reward of the post goes to the curators. How much everyone gets depends on the SP, or upvote value (rshare) and the two other points above.

In summary in order to make your votes profitable you want to upvote content that will be popular before everyone else, close to the 30 minute mark. (15 minutes after next hf)

This is the very rough view overview. Anything more detailed you have to look at the code, as the actual algo is quite complex.


Thanks @knircky for explaining how curation rewards system actually works.


Thanks a lot @knircky, that is very much helpful.

Dear my friend, keep using the steem-bounty service and you will see that is more grateful that all this shit you should follow in the Steemit and than you got worth of cents. If you want to earn with Steemit, you should at list invest not less than 500usd to buy Steem and power up your account! Steem-bounty is a family and everybody help each other, so keep to be active with comments and posting using it and you will get your right reward.


Thank you. I am already using it and finding it good and helpful.

@knircky has already answered your question very well. I would just like to give you some practical tips and tricks on how to find posts to vote. That is of course if you are just after curation rewards and not looking at the quality of the posts, which should be only proper reason to upvote.

Few practical tips & tricks:

  • Use to monitor bot activity. Replace your name with bot name and look for "transfers in". The posts, on which their authors placed high bids and have previously zero or just few votes, are the posts you should upvote. You should consider the time frame of 0-30 minutes (0 - 15 after HF20) as explained by @knircky. You should normally have enough time to place your vote before bid bots.
  • Search for hot posts with quality content, who have just a couple of upvotes and are not older then 30 minutes (it will be 15 minutes after HF20 is implemented). You can do this search by tags (i.e. travel, food, photography, crypto, etc.).
  • When it comes to commenting rewards (this go under author rewards, not curation rewards), concentrate on placing meaningful comments to posts of those authors, who are actually rewarding such meaningful comments with their upvotes.

As @knircky explained your actual curation reward also depends on your SP and voting power, so with your current SP you can not expect very high curation rewards.

Look for authors that create good, quality content consistantly. If they use bots to upvote their post, try to vote before the bots, which is often at approximately 15-20 minutes.

Don't vote in the first 5 minutes, because then you'll earn nothing.

Choose posts of which you think they will get a high payout and that have 4 upvotes or less, and are under $0.10.

Keep your Voting Power between 80 and 100% at all times

There will be changes made to the curation rules when hardfork 20 is implemented. So in two weeks from now, you'll have to find good tutorial that explains the new rules

It is also for me something new, so i will read all the tips that you receive if you dont mint.

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For curation rewards, I recommend you to join a curation trail to start getting curation rewards until you learn how to do it by yourself.

Read a lot of articles from other authors. Look for authors that write good quality posts, receives decent rewards and post articles always at the same hour. Then upvote them 25-30 minutes after the post is published (12-15 minutes when the hardfork 20 is released)

Join The Curation and Engagement Leagues and compare your results with other users. It is also important to power up as much as possible, specially now that the Steem price is low.

For bounty rewards, visit to participate in all the bounties and use @dustsweeper to increase the value of the small upvotes received.


I tried @dustweeper but not sure how effective it is. I still see many posts where value was less than 0.002 and dustsweeper didn't make a contribution.


It will only do a maximum of 2 upvotes per day.

The best tip is to not upvote until about 14 minutes to 30 minutes. I say this because allot here use bots to upvote / promote their posts and allot of bots upvote at the 15 - 30 minute mark. You want to get your upvote in before these bots come as it will increase the curation rewards you may earn.

Im lazy so I like to use smartsteem or minnowbooster to sell my vote and in turn score some sweet curation rewards and get paid for my vote. I only give them 2% of my voting bandwidth so if my vote is above 98% it will vote and the rest I use for manual curation.

Its also great becasue it votes when you dont have time to use the site or youre sleeping

One good tip is investment. When you invest you have more steem and SBD. You can also delegate some of this to @smartsteem. I hope this was helpful!!!

When you are small, it isn't worth chasing curation rewards. It is better to write good content, comment and support content that you like and to try and build a following. Chasing the rewards isn't so useful in the long run.